Who To Root For? Federer Or Mickelson?

Joseph CiracoCorrespondent IJune 19, 2009

I don't know many people who like tennis and golf.  Despite that fact, I love both sports quite a bit.

My wife asked me this morning "would you rather Federer regain his title at Wimbledon and pass Pete or Phil win the Open at Bethpage?"

I'm a huge Federer fan.  I already considered him to be the greatest player to ever play the game and I've only increased my passion on this topic since his recent French Open title.

The problem is that I'm also a die hard Lefty fan.  I'll watch any tournament on TV but when Phil is playing, I have pgatour.com running to see his every shot.

I already consider Federer to be the best ever and it would be absolutely satisfying if he were to pass Pete Sampras at Wimbledon by winning his 15th grand slam title.

Beating Rafael Nadal would have been icing on the cake but Raffa has withdrawn due to the knee problems that he's recently suffered from.

Mickelson is again the second best player in the game and that's nothing to be ashamed about.  Tiger Woods will end up the greatest player, so there is no shame in second.

As most of you know, Amy Mickelson was recently diagnosed with breast cancer and Left will be putting away the clubs again after the Open at Bethpage.

Wouldn't it be the story of a lifetime if Phil could hoist that silver trophy and bring it to Amy during her recovery from major surgery in July?

To add the cherry on top, any Mickelson win in a major is a loss for Tiger.  I don't root for Tiger but I completely respect his talent and passion for the game.

Federer seems to have a somewhat easy draw with Novak Djokovic possibly being the first major test... and that would come in the semi-finals.

As for Phil, he's not just playing against the other players and the course. Mother nature has and will make the course a test unlike any other.

I want to see Roger Federer claim number 15 and win yet another Wimbledon title but not if it means Mickelson can't win his fourth major title and his first US Open.

Why did my wife have to make me choose? 

Right now, Mickelson is +1 after five holes in the second round.  He's 7 strokes behind Mike Weir but he's far from being out of contention.

Federer begins his quest in a few days and by then, I'll know if "my compromise" has paid off or whether I'm just off my rocker.