Dirk Nowitkzi Case Is a Cautionary Tale For Athletes

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Dirk Nowitkzi Case Is a Cautionary Tale For Athletes
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Dirk Nowitkzi has had a rough last couple of months. Not only did his team lose in the playoffs to the Denver Nuggets, but the woman he was engaged to, Crista Ann Taylor, was arrested and sent to jail on charges of fraud. Now, to top things off, Taylor has come out and said in a jail house interview recently that she is pregnant with his baby.


Nowitkzi has always seemed to be a nice and decent guy, never in trouble, plays hard and just an all-around good guy. But we might need to add is a naïve guy as well. Apparently, the poor guy either didn’t have a clue or didn’t want to have a clue about this woman until it was too late.


Now reports have surfaced that the FBI is investigating Taylor for making jail house phone threats to Nowitkzi’s lawyer. Nowitkzi for his part has filed for sole custody of this unborn child if it is indeed his.


Gold diggers, groupies and mistresses aren’t a new thing in the sports world. As long as there have been athletes, there have always been women out there wanting a piece of them. I remember Oprah did a show a few years ago about these types of women and the links they would go through just to have a piece of an athlete.


Some of these women would even freeze the sperm (yes freeze) I guess in the condom and try to use it to get pregnant. That’s the extreme some women would go through to land them a ball player. Nowitzki is the not the only guy who has gotten into a mess with a woman with a shady background and he won’t be the last, but some of these guys need to learn a lesson or two from athletes who have dealt with this in the past.


Chipper Jones comes to mind. Jones had an affair with a Hooter’s waitress and he got her pregnant. Naturally, the affair ruined his first marriage and he is tied to this woman forever. And then there are the guys like former NBA player’s Shawn Kemp and Jason Caffey who have had multiple children with multiple women. Caffey even spent a few days in jail recently for failure to pay child support.


I feel no sympathy for guys like Caffey and Kemp because quite frankly, they should have just protected themselves. Athletes make themselves vulnerable to women like this because of their lifestyles. I know there are a lot of famous athletes who hold parties where they know a lot of females will be present.


A lot of these ladies make it known they are there get a “baller” in other words a rich and famous guy. To be the wife of a famous athlete or to have the baby of a famous athlete so he’d support them is what a lot of these women dream about.  Like Nowitzki, some athletes fall for it and find themselves caught up in a bad situation. A lot of these women, apparently like this lady, want and are addicted to the lifestyle and will do whatever it takes to get what they want or feel they deserve.


I know leagues try to warn their athletes about this, but maybe the best way to warn them is to tell them to watch Sportscenter or the evening news tonight; maybe that will scare them straight.







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