B/R Turns Into The WWE Mobile Alert: A Temporary Stop

Raw General ManagerCorrespondent IJune 19, 2009

What's up guys, it's Raw General Manager Svyato Rovenchuk and Smackdown General Manager DJ Rallo here with a big announcement regarding the future of the series.

Series Postponed?

Seeing as though summer arrives this weekend (Does not look like it in Massachusetts unlike Toronto), many will not be on Bleacher Report as much as they would like to.

With that said, DJ Rallo and I have agreed to postpone the series after our upcoming pay-per-view, The Bash. This is really a "Season Finale" for the summer.

Writing these shows is very time consuming and seeing that I will not be around for a good portion of the summer because I'm going on Vacation (damn, I'm going to lose my ranking in the Pro Wrestling Section), and DJ will be busy, we figured that stopping it would be the most convenient thing to do.

Seeing as The Bash will be our series finale for the summer, we will be skipping Night of Champions as well as Summerslam. We are planning to continue the series during the first week of September and our first pay per view will be Breaking Point (formerly known as Unforgiven).

We are sorry for any inconvenience and we hope you will be back in September ready for more of the B/R turns into WWE series.

All us GM's will write a Top 5 moments article for our respective shows. For those who will likely forget the happenings of the series over the summer, Smackdown GM DJ Rallo will write a recap of the series so far (all brands recap) in the end of August hyping up the return.


Other Notes

Smackdown has come to terms with the release of Josh Swell. We wish Swell the best in his future endeavors.

Smackdown has also officially signed Justin Thomas and Marc to full-time contracts.

Raw has signed Adam Roberts. 

Raw, SmackDown, and ECW encourage newcomers to the series so don't be afraid to ask to join a certain brand.

Svyato and Rallo signing out!