Yankee fans, Rhode Island Should Secede From New England

BHLCorrespondent IJune 19, 2009

Rhode Island area news stations and the Providence Journal have recently reported that with the advent of Rhode Island state license plates with Boston Red Sox and New England Patriots logos imprinted on them, a state representative has asked for state license plates featuring the New York Yankees logo.

When the Boston Red Sox won the World Series in 2004 and 2007, the Red Sox ownership group made it a point to visit Providence, the Rhode Island state capital, with the World Series Trophy. This seemed logical, as Rhode Island is a part of New England, and the Red Sox are New England's team. Baseball fans in Rhode Island, therefore, are Red Sox fans.

Upon winning the World Series three times in the 1990s and in 2000, the Yankees franchise made no such visit to Providence. This would seem logical, as being a New England state, fans of a New York baseball team have no place in Rhode Island. It would appear as though New York, and its storied Yankees franchise, does not deem Rhode Island to be a relevant fan base for their team.

In spite of this clear lack of ownership of Rhode Island fans from a Yankees franchise standpoint, the Rhode Island politicians in these historically grim economic times for the state are spending valuable time lobbying for Yankees license plates.

Record unemployment mirroring only Michigan, home foreclosures all over the state, and its usual corruption-filled political scene are clearly not a high priority for Rhode Island politicians. Demanding Yankees logos on state license plates has escalated to be the top priority and allows politicians to ignore the glaring issues they currently face in Rhode Island.

Had the state of Connecticut pulled a maneuver like this, it would be much more understandable. Connecticut borders New York, and roughly half of the state is consumed by fans of the pinstripes.

For a Rhode Island politician to boldly propose that a New England state promote a New York baseball team on its license plates is nothing short of asinine.

With this established, should this politician succeed in allowing Rhode Island residents to purchase state license plates with the Yankees logo featured on them, Rhode Island should in turn forfeit its status as a part of New England.  After all, driving around town with a license plate with a New York baseball team is not indicative of New England residence.

In doing so, the Red Sox should no longer make visits to Rhode Island with the World Series trophy, as the residents of Rhode Island do not deserve to have their grimy mitts anywhere near it.

It's been fun while it lasted, Rhode Island.  You appear to be a lost cause at this juncture.  So long and best of luck Rhode Island, we hardly knew ye.