From Click Wrestle to Amazon: Wrestling's Best Buys

Steven DavisonCorrespondent IJune 19, 2009

Discoveries come from the strangest places, and this week has been no different, it is no secret that I am a devoted women's wrestling fan: from Shimmer to Chick fight and all the way to WWE (at times).

However, finding the content in the shops is the most frustrating part of being a women's wrestling fan. In particular, finding the independent promotions and their DVD's are particularly hard to find in most retail outlets.

I know some people don't have the luxury of a wrestling store near to them, so this is just a review of the best places to find wrestling content on the web. Particularly women's wrestling.

First in the list for wrestling DVD's is the all-around giant; Amazon. Everyone knows that people can get wrestling DVD's and the like from Amazon but it doesn't all have the exact DVD that you've searched for. This is why it's not my favourite website in the world.

Secondly is one of the best websites for having a vast catalogue of wrestling DVD's; EBay. However, a drastic flaw with this is always the risk of buying second hand, this is a main concern and one of the reasons I dislike using Ebay.

Because when you buy second hand you always run the risk of paying for a DVD that could be scratched badly.

Also when you buy a second hand DVD, you are not funding the company you are buying from. This is not a big thing for the WWE and TNA but the lower promotions like Shimmer and ROH rely on DVD sales.

This is a nice segue into the top two websites, with no surprise Ring Of Honor's online store. This is one of my favourite places (despite the postage and packaging prices) on the web.

This is because their store sells all of the local and independent DVD's all of the way up to WWE and TNA's merchandise. This allows you to buy all of the DVD's you want from one place and fund ROH as a company.

Finally, my favourite website to by content from the independent and women's scene is Click Wrestle. The reason for this is the quantity of match videos; it has numerous matches from a lot of promotions.

With over 26 channels (each related to a single promotion) it has a wide range of wrestler's and styles, from Shimmer to Chick fight and even hardcore wrestling with IWA: Mid South.

Also what makes this such a good site is there are no worries about the regions of DVDs as you can download the matches straight to your hard drive, with no fuss or worry. 

Also at $6 a match, if you know what you want then you should definitely give it a try.

- Steven D