WrestleMania 30, the Undertaker & Latest WWE News & Rumors from Ring Rust Radio

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WrestleMania 30, the Undertaker & Latest WWE News & Rumors from Ring Rust Radio
Jonathan Bachman

Ring Rust Radio is the best wrestling show on the airwaves, and this week was no different. With strong opinions on WrestleMania XXX, The Undertaker and more, this is where you need to go to get all of your weekly WWE nuggets.

Bleacher Report featured columnists Mike Chiari, Donald Wood and Brandon Galvin give the lowdown on all things going on in the wrestling world. TNA star Davey Richards also joined the show to offer his inside perspective on the business.

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The Undertaker's WrestleMania Streak Ends

Professional wrestling has a way of providing shocking moments, but perhaps none can compare to what happened at WrestleMania XXX. After an incredible string of 21 consecutive victories on wrestling's biggest stage, The Undertaker fell victim to Brock Lesnar. The Superdome in New Orleans was left in shocked silence, and wrestling fans across the globe were forced to ponder what the result meant for one of the all-time greatest Superstars.

Question on Everybody's Mind: Was This the Right Decision?

Do you agree with the decision to end the streak?

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There have been certain points over the years where Taker's streak has looked to be in jeopardy, but that wasn't the case leading up to the Lesnar match. Lesnar got the better of The Undertaker on just one occasion during the build, as he hit him with an F-5 on the go-home edition of Raw. Even after Lesnar hit The Undertaker with his third F-5 of the match at WrestleMania XXX, it was difficult to imagine the streak being snapped.

That is exactly what happened, though, and it left the WWE Universe essentially paralyzed. Nobody was quite sure to make of what had just happened, and it even remains too tough to fathom now that it has sunk in. Not only does one have to question whether or not ending the streak in general was a good idea, but the question of whether or not Lesnar was the right man to do it comes into the equation as well.

Ring Rust Radio's Take

Regardless of what unsubstantiated reports suggest, ending the streak had to be something that The Undertaker either demanded or agreed to. With that in mind, it's tough to place all of the blame on WWE in this situation. No matter how the decision was ultimately reached, it doesn't feel like the right move.

The streak is bigger than the business itself, and keeping it alive would have allowed fans to marvel at it forever. Now that it is gone, a huge part of the WrestleMania atmosphere has evaporated with it.

If this was The Undertaker's last match, then perhaps he wanted to do the honorable thing and give someone else the rub. That is understandable and even admirable; however, Lesnar probably wasn't the right choice. He is already well established as an all-time great, and the fact that he is only a part-time performer will prevent him from fully capitalizing on the momentum that he has gained. Having a full-time roster member snap the streak would have made more sense, but it wouldn't have felt right no matter who was given the honor.

Maybe WWE will use this situation to its advantage and do something incredible with Lesnar, Taker or both moving forward, but the end of the streak definitely left a bad taste in the mouths of many wrestling fans despite the fact that WrestleMania XXX was excellent as a whole.

Rumor Mill

Backstage News on Who Knew Streak Was Ending (per WrestlingInc.com via Wrestling Observer Newsletter)

Daniel Bryan Reigns Supreme at WrestleMania XXX

WrestleMania XXX very easily could have been marred by the end of the streak, but WWE still managed to send the fans home happy. After defeating Triple H to open the show, Daniel Bryan was placed in the WWE World Heavyweight Championship main event against Randy Orton and Batista. The odds were stacked against the leader of the Yes Movement, but Bryan somehow managed to beat them and become WWE World Heavyweight champion for the first time.

Question on Everybody's Mind: What's Next for Bryan?

Bryan has battled The Authority ever since SummerSlam. After beating John Cena for the WWE Championship, he was screwed over by special guest referee Triple H, who aided Orton in taking the strap from Bryan. The Authority has done everything possible to hold Bryan down, and even though Bryan got the better of the group at WrestleMania, that dynamic won't soon end. Triple H once again tried to cut Bryan's title reign short on Raw, but Bryan had some help in his corner.

After getting beaten down by Orton, Batista and Kane, Bryan was ripe for the picking. Triple H had ordered a championship match earlier in the night, and he was seemingly on the verge of taking the title away from him.

Unfortunately for The Game, The Shield interrupted and foiled his plan. That set the stage for what figures to be a lengthy feud involving Bryan and The Shield against an Authority faction with Evolution roots.

Ring Rust Radio's Take

Bryan is at his best as an underdog, and while it can be argued that he no longer has that status after what he did at WrestleMania, that isn't necessarily the case. Triple H will continue to be Bryan's main adversary, and that works on so many levels for Bryan. Although it is unclear who his opponent will be at Extreme Rules since Triple H, Orton and Batista can all argue that they deserve a title shot, Triple H seems most likely since his title match never really happened on Raw.

That will open the door for a match pitting The Shield against Orton, Batista and Kane. They will essentially be two separate feuds within the same feud, which will make for some intriguing segments moving forward.

The best thing about Bryan facing The Authority is that he has several future opponents leading up to SummerSlam. It wouldn't be a surprise to see him have singles pay-per-view matches against Triple H, Orton and Batista, all of whom he would beat.

That could then lead to a potential feud and match with Brock Lesnar, which would be a huge clash between the two biggest WrestleMania winners. Whatever the case, Bryan has a ton of momentum after winning the titles, and he should continue to be the most popular star in WWE.

Rumor Mill

Backstage News on Evolution Reunion (per WrestlingInc.com via Wrestling Observer Newsletter)

RRR Interview with TNA's Davey Richards

After a highly successful career on the independent scene, Davey Richards recently made his TNA debut alongside Eddie Edwards. The Wolves have helped revitalize TNA's tag team division and already competed in several excellent matches during their short time with the company. Richards sat down with Ring Rust Radio to discuss the next chapter of his wrestling life. 

Question on Everybody's Mind: Why Did Richards Choose TNA?

As one of the best in-ring workers in wrestling today, it can certainly be inferred that Richards had his fair share of options after leaving Ring of Honor. Richards and Edwards notably had a tryout for WWE in NXT, and while it looked like a deal might ultimately be reached, The Wolves went to TNA instead.

Many have questioned Richards about the decision, but he insists that WWE was never necessarily on his radar.

I never really wanted to go to WWE. The tryout there was awesome. It was really fun, and I can't say enough good things. And I learned a lot, but I told a few of the guys during the initial tryout with Eddie that this was not for me just because moving down to Orlando is not what I wanted to do and wrestling is not the only thing I want to do with my life.

With that in mind, Richards and Edwards went to TNA and were immediately thrust into a main storyline with MVP. The Wolves are already one-time TNA Tag Team champions, and it looks as though plenty of success is still on the horizon for them.

Ring Rust Radio's Take

As is the case for many wrestlers, the WWE schedule and lifestyle didn't appeal to Richards. Since TNA is more centralized and has less event dates, it gives Richards the opportunity to explore other interests as well, which is something that really appealed to him.

To give up everything and just live in that world is not my idea of a great life or a perfect life. TNA offered me to be able to wrestle with some of the best wrestlers in the world, I could be on television, I could go and entertain crowds, but I could still come home and be Wes. I could be Davey, then I could be Wes. It was just better for me, and I couldn’t be happier in TNA. It's been great.

It is often difficult for outsiders to understand why somebody would pass up the opportunity to wrestle for WWE, but it's easy to respect Richards' motives. He feels as though TNA fits him best, and it is admirable that he made his decision based on that.

Richards has a ton of potential both in a tag team with Edwards and as a singles competitor, so it will be interesting to see what the future holds for him.

RRR Season 4 Fantasy WWE Final Standings

1. Mike Chiari: 267.5

2. Brandon Galvin: 140

3. Donald Wood: 30

4. Michael Cahill: 15

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