Even WWE Superstars Is Better Than Raw?

No BodyCorrespondent IJune 19, 2009

For the past two weeks I've been watching WWE's newest show, Superstars, and thinking to myself that even this is better than Raw.

This most recent episode featured four pretty solid matches in my opinion.

The first match was between two Raw competitors, Santino Marella and Chavo Guerrero. When I saw the two come out, I thought it was going to be the same old story where Chavo gets humiliated and ultimately beaten by Santino, but to my pleasant surprise Chavo fought well and got the pin.

One good match so far.

The second match featured ECW's Zack Ryder against some jobber (Matt Williams maybe?). Since coming to ECW, I've been thoroughly impressed with Ryder and this match only impressed me more.

He's athletic, he plays his character well, his finisher looks pretty good, and he even has his own catch phrase (Woo Woo Woo!). Sure, his match wasn't against any big name, but he's getting a push that I think he rightly deserves.

Two good matches so far.

The third match was between two Smackdown divas, Eve and Layla, with Maria as guest referee. Now ordinarily I'm not too impressed with the actual wrestling ability of the divas, but Eve proved to be something else. Several of her moves showed real athleticism, especially her finisher.

Three good matches so far.

ECW got the main event this week with a six-man tag match featuring the Colons and Christian vs. The Hart Dynasty and Jack Swagger. All six of these superstars have impressed me before, and tonight proved to be no different.

Ultimately it was Carlito who got the pin after his finisher, but The Hart Dynasty continue to show promise and I hope they soon can compete for the tag team titles.

Four good matches in a one-hour show.

Recently, we've been lucky to see three good matches in Raw's two-hour show. This past week proved to be different, of course, but the main reason for that was that all three brands appeared on it.

Unfortunately its usually the same story week after week.

Randy Orton comes out, boasts about his title, and he and Legacy get beaten down by one face character. The Miz comes out and "beats" Cena. The main event ends in DQ, usually due to Legacy. Now I like both Orton and The Miz, but I'd also like to see some variety.

I can't decide if its the actual superstars on Raw that are boring me or if its just the feuds going on currently. I'm not a fan of Cena or Big Show, and their feud was one of the worst I've seen in quite a while. Triple H and Orton are great, but their feud is getting old. Batista? No thank you.

We need fresh talent and fresh feuds.

Its simple: either spice up the current feuds or get new ones. We've seen Orton and Triple H do just about everything. Let them feud with other wrestlers. We've seen Cena and Show compete in the most boring matches (submission match), so let them feud with someone else.

Throw Matt Hardy or The Miz or MVP into the title hunt. I know its been said the Vince wants his champions to be a certain build, but these smaller guys usually can do more exciting stunts and can make matches much better.

The bottom line is Raw needs to do something now or it will go from the A show to the D show fast.

Thanks for reading and, as usual, feedback is much appreciated.