Really, a Scramble Match With The Usual Guys. Really!?

Dustin SpeakerCorrespondent IJune 19, 2009

Yes ladies and gentleman, Edge's response to Rally Up will be used here. The ECW Title Scramble Match just proved to lose my interest. "Why Dustin?" you ask. Simple lets look at who's in the match. Mark Henry, Christian, Swagger, Finlay, and Dreamer. Now three of them are welcome to be here but two I don't want to see in the ECW title picture.

Mark Henry was horrible as a champion, he did his same stale bit of rambling on about how he is the worlds strongest man. He just bores me with his gimmick. Yes we get it he's strong! But he never brings anything new, part of being a champion means you have to step up your game, he doesn't do that. It's just like when he was in Money in the Bank at Wrestlemania, he's just put there to be an obstacle.

Finlay, lets just be honest the older he gets the harder it will be to buy him trouncing guys half his age. I respect his dedication to the indsutry, but its gradually creeping closer to time for his departure, and return to behind the scenes. It has been discussed amongst the group of wrestling fans I belong to that he simply needs to job to Sheamus O'Shawnessy and bow out.

But who, oh who ever should be in contention for the title if not these guys? Ya know the results for Cyber Sunday don't lie, people want Evan Bourne in the Main Event. He needs to be pushed a bit more than he has been. It seems like since Tyson Kidd and Smith started teaming he's been forgotten. Maybe creative feels his popularity would take away from the fact that these guys are the heirs to the Hart Foundation's legacy. Is that possible?

Then who else could take a place in this? Well that is where it gets tricky, they haven't built up anyone on the roster yet. Burchill would be a natural if he wasn't missing at the moment, which leads one to think they're repackaging him with a better routine or just can't use him. Helms would be a natural but he has yet to debut as a wrestler on the brand, Ryder would also be good but he needs a build up yet.

But the point is its time to push some of the new product not just a stale weight lifter and an aging Irishman who loves to fight. Its important to let the river continue to flow with new water, not just allow it to be dammed up with barricades that are overused and overexposed talent. We need something we aren't expecting, something that will get our attention, not something we've seen at least once a month on other shows. Thats just how it has to be!