Cesaro Will Rise to World Champion Under Tutelage of Paul Heyman

Aaron BowerFeatured ColumnistApril 9, 2014

Credit: WWE.com

Paul Heyman's legacy and status as the greatest manager in the history of professional wrestling was confirmed at WrestleMania XXX. His client, Brock Lesnar, became the man to achieve the impossible and the end the streak of The Undertaker.

It is something that you imagine a Paul Heyman "guy" could only ever have doneafter CM Punk came so close in 2013. Heyman's clients constantly seem to go from strength to strength under his management. Therefore, there are surely big things on the horizon for Cesaro.

Some things in professional wrestling just seem rightand Cesaro's new alliance with Paul Heyman is certainly one of those things. After Heyman practically turned babyface with the promo he cut on Raw following WrestleMania, his new allegiance with the Swiss Superman is absolutely perfect timing.

Cesaro himself is a freshly blooded face, after splitting from The Real Americans. That was overdue, in all fairnesshe had completely outgrown Jack Swagger and Zeb Colter, and he needed to go it alone.

Cesaro already has success to speak ofa perfect foundation for Heyman to take him to new and improved heights. That victory in the Andre the Giant battle royal was remarkable, and it confirmed that he is set for an enormous push. Cesaro also has another advantage in terms of his relationship with Paul Heyman, in that he is a pretty unique catch for Heyman in comparison to the other previous Heyman "guys."

It is difficult to compare Cesaro to any of Paul Heyman's previous clients, in all honesty. Perhaps the most relevant, though, is Curtis Axel. The son of the late, great Mr. Perfect arrived as a repackaged character brought under Heyman's wingand quickly rose to success.

Several squash victories were followed by a pretty credible reign as the Intercontinental Champion. Axel looked to be heading places, but then Heyman cut his ties with him. Since then, Axel's only success is appearing on the WrestleMania XXX pre-show in a strikingly average tag team.

With Cesaro already over, and already a success, just how high can he go? The answer to that is simple. He canand willbe a WWE World Heavyweight Champion.

That may not happen immediately. In fact, it probably won't happen immediately. The title picture is a touch crowded for someone like Cesaro to get involved at the moment. But that is no bad thing. With Brock Lesnar no doubt ready to take an extended break from the WWE again, Cesaro becomes Heyman's only concern. That means a slow-building rise to the top is surely the best option.

You would imagine the first step will come when he beats Jack Swagger at Extreme Rules. After all, that rivalry needs to be put to bed quickly and let Cesaro move on.

Perhaps a rivalry with someone significant would then be a great idea to enable Cesaro to move toward the championship picture. An obvious example would be someone like Batista. He is a massive heel who is just not liked by the crowd.

When you are looking to make a babyface even more over and cement his popularity with the crowd, guys like Batista are brilliant to feud with. Cesaro's popularity will only increase even more off the back of a rivalry like that and will continue to develop his fledgling career with the WWE.

However, the biggest point to make in all of this is that the WWE needs to take things carefully. We have seen guys get quickly elevated to the championship picture in the past and fall flat on their faceswith perhaps Ryback the best example of that in modern times. That cannot happen with Cesaro.

The WWE had a certified star in the making on their hands with Cesaro. With Paul Heyman in charge of his affairs, they have a future champion in the making.