Is 09 The Year The Gators Go Down As The Biggest Winners or Losers?

brandon nealCorrespondent IJune 19, 2009

MIAMI - JANUARY 08:  Louis Murphy #9 of the Florida Gators can't make a play on a ball thrown to the endzone against Lendy Holmes #11 of the Oklahoma Sooners against the Florida Gators during the FedEx BCS National Championship game at Dolphin Stadium on January 8, 2009 in Miami, Florida. Florida won 24-14. (Photo by Doug Benc/Getty Images)

           Ladies and Gentleman I hate to be the one to tell you this. Its that time again. It's that time of year when the two most common phrases one hears are "Is it hot enough for ya?" and "Man I cant wait for football." Right now you have  baseball and you have..... Baseball! Did i mention I hate baseball? 

          Most of the student athletes have all gone home for the summer. Recruiting slows down. Really everything comes to a grinding halt. However fortunately its the calm before the storm. The only good thing about this time of year is we know that the wait is almost over. The basketball playoffs are over so we have nothing to do but pretend we are sports writers and pretend that people give a crap about what we say. And That's just what I'm gonna do. 

          2009 could be the year that the Gators go down as one of the greatest teams of all time. It could be the year we win back to back National Championships and 3 out of 4 National Championships. I no that's why Tim and Brandon Spikes are here again. I know that Timmy wants more than ever to have that spot free streaky clean undefeated dream season. I also know that Tim Tebow gets what Tim Tebow wants. 

          Or this could be the year that the gators pull a New England Patriots choke. It could be the year the gators were almost in the company of the greatest teams in college football. This could be the year UF almost made it to dynasty level. This could be the year that I have to replace another TV.

           What ever year it will be is yet to be seen. But what can be seen is a buzz around UF that I've never seen in my 20 plus years of watching Gator football.

           Now with everybody and there mother gunnin for UF it wont be easy. But its still very very possible to run the table in the gauntlet of the SEC. In fact our schedule on paper is softer than its been in a while.


Sep. 5Charleston SouthernTBA
Sep. 12TroyTBA
Sep. 19Tennessee3:30pm
Sep. 26at KentuckyTBA
Oct. 10at LSU8:00pm
Oct. 17ArkansasTBA
Oct. 24at Miss. StateTBA
Oct. 31GeorgiaTBA
Nov. 7VanderbiltTBA
Nov. 14at South CarolinaTBA
Nov. 21Florida Int'lTBA
Nov. 28Florida StateTBA

Lets look at the schedule

Charleston Southern. Blow out 56-10

Troy    Blow out 63-7

Tennessee Ill say it I predict the biggest BLOW OUT of the season! Lame Kitten wont like the welcoming to the SEC that Urban and them gator boys have waiting for them. 56-3

KentuckyNow kentucky will be played in Kentucky but I see UF winning comfortably 42 to 17

LSU  Now LSU is the biggest regular season game for UF. Plus its in Death Valley and it will be played at night. Alot depends on how much LSU will shape up from last year. But I see UF as a better team than the last time we were in Death Valley and LSU is far less of a team than the last time they played us in their own back yard. (plus we should've won that game) So I believe that UF will prevail in a hard fought game that UF pulls away from in the fourth quarter UF38-LSU 21

ArkansasI see Arkansas as a potential spoiler for UF. However I don't see Tim Tebow letting Ole Miss happen again. UF 42 Arkansas 14

Mississippi State  Now the state of Mississippi is a nightmare for UF. I believe that on 07 was the first time we won in Mississippi in along time. MSU is in  reconstructive stages. But Dan Mullen knows us all to well and should make it interesting. But I just don't see them having the talent to pull it off. UF 35 MSU 17

Georgia one word " Depleted." To much to replace. Georgia will be down this year. All though UF wont destroy them like they did last year. UF isn't made at them this time. 35 17 UF

Vandywe will win easily 49 14 UF

South CarolinaYou just never know with South Carolina. Id like to call it a gimme. But again you just never know. I say UF 38 USCe 17

Florida IntJohn Brantley and UF will destroy them. UF 56 to 3

FSWHO  Tim Tebows last game at the swamp! Folks its gonna get ugly! UF will be FSU 56 to 3

SEC CHAMPIONSHIP GAME.UF will play Ole Miss and win. Ole miss has LSU at home and Bama at home early. Tim will relish the chance to get back at Ole Miss UF 42 Ole Miss 28

BCS National Championship gameUF will win a thriller with Texas UF 28 Texas 24. 

           Now with UF having a big target on its back this wont be easy. In spite of what my score predictions indicate. It will take even greater focus and dedication. It will take the same tensity that UF has shown all year in 2008. 

           The Offense. Once again we have imo the greatest leader of all time under center Tim Tebow. Tim Tebow is the heart and soul of Florida football. Tim Tebow is the most important player to UF and Tim will be the biggest factor in getting us to the rose bowl. However UF has another player in to replace. That player is Percy Harvin. to me it's rather unrealistic to think that Andre Debose will be able to step into Percy Harvin's shoes and not miss a beat. But can Debose be as good as Percy during his freshman season? I've watched this kids tapes and I gotta say yes he can. But well have to wait to see. Other than Percy leaving we don't have to many big time player roles to fill. We are all waiting to see who will emerge at wide receiver. D. Thompson should do big things for UF this year. I'm also excited about Hines. Lots of positives and few negatives IMO

           The Defense is as big, bad, fast, and nasty as there's ever been in college football. I cant begin to tell you how many will be all SEC and All Americans this years defense will produce. Lets start with the heart and soul of the defense. Brandon Spikes. Would you want anybody else in his place? Then you got Carlos Dunlap, Major Wright, A. Black, Joe Haden, and Jenkins. Really there are two many to count. The defense will be the strength of this team.

            I know there's a lot of haters out there which will make this years victories so much sweeter. Its great to be a Florida gator.


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