Sedin Twins in Toronto? For Brian Burke, the Price Could Be Right

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Sedin Twins in Toronto? For Brian Burke, the Price Could Be Right
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The NHL has patiently waited for the Sedin's to list their demands to the Vancouver Canuck brass as to what it would take for them to stay there.

And the price might surprise you a little.

The Sedin's are seeking an identical long-term contract extension of 12-years, $63 million. Comparisons have been made to fellow Swede, Henrik Zetterberg, and his 12-year, $73 million contract.

But don't let that comparison and the amount of money fool you, the Sedin's asking price is relatively, and somewhat surprisingly, low.

$63 million sounds like a lot of money, and it certainly is, but stretch it out over that period of time and it only averages out to just over $5 million per season.

Quite frankly, for two players of their caliber, that's a pretty good deal considering what some guys want these days.

Now before you jump up and call your team's GM and demand that he call Daniel and Henrik immediately, understand this: The twins have offered that deal to the Canucks, and only the Canucks. It is believed that the two would demand upwards of $7 million  a season if (and when) they hit the open market.

Call it a home-town discount, if you will. They clearly are prepared to stay in Vancouver, and for a long time, but does Vancouver want them?

Now that's the question.

Various sources have suggested that the Canucks declined that deal, with hopes of signing the twins to a shorter-term deal at around the same price. If neither side is willing to budge, the boys could be headed out into free agency, and would be at the top of most team's list, especially the Toronto Maple Leafs.

The Sedin's cap hit for 2008-2009 was just about $7 million each. As was stated before, the offer they laid out for Vancouver does not apply to any other team, yet.

With the salary cap declining this season, and many teams already up against it, they may quickly find that the demand doesn't quite meet their supply, if that makes sense.

And what better man to wheel-and-deal for the dynamic duo than the man who drafted them, Leafs GM and President, Brian Burke.

If the Sedin's can't get a deal done with Vancouver, and hit the market commanding more money that they probably won't receive, it might be Burke that has the best chance of getting them to lower their asking price.

I mean, we are talking about Brian Burke here.

The man could negotiate a monkey into giving up a banana tree, so asking the boys he brought into the league, together, to knock off a million or two shouldn't be too hard.

As far as free-agent forwards go, getting the Sedin's for $5 million per season is a lot better than what many of the top-notch forwards will be asking this summer.

Marian Hossa made $7.4 million with Detroit in 2008-2009, Marian Gaborik made $6.3 million, and Martin Havlat made $6 million. You know each will be asking for around the same price, and someone will eventually bite.

To get two players, who together are as good as anyone, for about $11 million, while others will be asking upwards of $7 million for just themselves, has got to be considered a good deal.

Especially to the Leafs, who have cap space to kill, and a GM who is willing to kill it.

Whether they sign with Vancouver or not is still up in the air, but if (and when) these two Swedish studs hit the open market, you've got to think that Burke and the boys in Leaf Nation will take a serious look at putting them in blue and white.

Only if the price is right, of course, but if there is one team, and one man, who could make that price right, it would have to be Burke.

Free agency, you gotta love it.

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