2008 NFL Draft: Green Bay Packers

Adam LindemerSenior Analyst IApril 27, 2008

The 2008 NFL Draft has come and gone for all 32 teams. Let's take a closer look at how the Green Bay Packers used their nine selections this year.

#36: Jordy Nelson-WR Kansas St., 6-3, 217. A good receiver and better special teams player, which is where he'll get a majority of his PT. Also adds depth to an already deep receiving corp for the Pack.

#56: Brian Brohm-QB Louisville, 6-3, 232. Practically fell into Green Bay's lap here, and an insurance policy on Rodgers. Like Rodgers, Brohm was projected to go higher and the Pack were 'forced to draft him'. In all the mock drafts I saw, Brohm was a top 10 pick (#8 Baltimore most popular). Probably Green Bay's best pick of this draft.

#60: Patrick Lee-CB Auburn, 6-0, 200. The Pack like his physical play, and can add even more depth to a good secondary. Woodson and Harris are aging, so a good pick for the future.

#91: Jermichael Finley-TE Texas, 6-5, 245. Green Bay's second best pick in my mind. Not the biggest or strongest of the TE's, but very athletic and will provide a solid 1-2 punch with the stronger, bigger Donald Lee. Finley is a 'route-runner' (runs smooth, crisp routes), and finds the holes in defenses. Should provide some immediate impact, like Nelson.

#102: Jeremy Thompson-DE Wake Forest, 6-4, 264: It always helps to have D-line help, considering the Pack has had injury problems there in years past. Can't really find anyhting wrong with this pick.

#135: Josh Sitton-OT Central Florida, 6-3, 319. Probably Green Bay's weakest spot is the O-line. If you can't find help in FA, then you draft some. Again, the pick makes sense because of the position Sitton plays.

#150: Breno Giacomini-OT Louisville, 6-7, 303. Great name. Provides some depth at offensive tackle so the Pack will have options on who protects Rodgers next year. Also it may help Brohm knowing that he's got a friend in Green Bay with him going through the 'rookie' process.

#209: Matt Flynn-QB LSU, 6-2, 231: The only head-scratcher for me is Flynn. The pick would make more sense had the Packers not drafted Brohm in the second round. Three young QB's who can learn from each other. Would've liked to see them take a RB/S here.

#217: Brett Swain-WR San Diego St., 6-0, 194: Another questionable pick here; I think Thompson just wanted a 'Brett' on the team. The Packers are stacked with receivers, so look for Swain on the practice squad in fall. Again, a RB or S would've been the better option.

Overall, I'm impressed at what the Packers came away with. I thought a RB would be selected for 'insurance' there; it never hurts to have an extra RB around. Green Bay definitely addressed their needs in this draft and got Aaron Rodgers some more targets to aim for. I see no reason why that can't defend their NFC North in 2008, even if there is no #4 to guide them.