JT's Top 25 All-Time Wrestlers

James TurnerCorrespondent IJune 18, 2009

12 Jun 1998:  Bill Goldberg looks on during the WCW Bash at the Beach at the Cox Arena in San Diego, California. Mandatory Credit: Elsa Hasch  /Allsport

Since I'm turning 25 years old next year, I decided to go with 25. Now, I'm making this list based on storylines and in-ring skills more than anything. I am also considering the individual's victories over certain stars and their championships they've held. I'm not judging by if it's fake or not, just by what they've done during their reign and if they would have won in an actual storyline match up.

Honorable Mentions: Booker T and The Great Muta

25. Eddie Guerrero—A true great. I put him on, not even because of his passing. Just the things he had done will always be remember in my and many others' eyes. Plus, he defeated Brock Lesnar once. Not many people did.

24. Kevin NashThat Jackknife Power-bomb has taken out even the best of wrestlers; and it was pretty deadly too.

23. AJ StylesHe wasn't even about to make the list, but he's the face of TNA. He is truly a future Hall of Famer; and I think he can take both Nash and Guerrero out. Well, I'm not so sure about Eddie Guerrero, but that would be a classic match.

22. EdgeHe is my current favorite wrestler and I love his theme. I'm sort of biased with him in the Top 25, but his gimmick matches were classic and make up for that.

21. YokozunaFor someone his size, he was pretty agile and actually put on some really good matches. He was, pretty much, unstoppable. That Banzai Drop knocked out everyone. LITERALLY!

20. VaderOne of the most dominant wrestlers to ever step foot in a wrestling ring, his power-bomb was the deadliest of them all. He was very agile, too. Vader could beat you in many ways.

19. Chris JerichoHe actually made my list, although I don't believe he's as good as he used to be back in WCW and his first stint in WWE. His Code-breaker truly makes up for what he once had. He hasn't lost much, but he has lost a step or two; and that Walls of Jericho is weak. Now, the Lion-tamer, on the other hand, was a classic submission, probably the best.

18. Big Poppa PumpFormerly known as Scott Steiner. This is based more on him when he wasn't that genetic freak. Even when he did become steroided up he was still effective. That Frankensteiner is still one of the best moves to ever watch. It still brings chills.

17. Chris Benoit—Benoit was as technical as a wrestler could be. His cross-face was deadly, but he was one who would tap out quickly to a submission. He rarely held his own; and he would let the big finisher take him out one too many times to make it in the Top 10. He had great offense and good counters, but his defense by itself wasn't the best.

16. Triple H—His resume puts him this high. He has beaten some of the best. I don't really see him beating a guy like Sting or Bret Hart in their primes, not even Kurt Angle or the next guy on the list.

15. Lex Luger—I feel Luger is one of the Top Five under-rated wrestlers ever. He was strong, but he put on some classic matches; and that Torture Rack was damn near impossible for anyone to escape from.

14. Andre The Giant—He's just the big giant. Enough said.

13. Hulk Hogan—The only reason I have him this high is because when he started to "Hulk Up" that was pretty much the end of any wrestler. I mean, literally, any wrestler. That's the only reason he's in the Top 15. He did beat Andre, so that puts him over The Giant.

12. Ricky "The Dragon" Steamboat—Now, I already considered him a Top 15 contender before with his classic matches with Flair, but after Wrestlemania, there's no doubt he deserves to stay in up in the Top 15. In some ways, he should be in the Top 10.

11. Brock Lesnar—I almost had him in the Top 10. He didn't stay long enough to get up there, but he did make such an impact that I see him given any of the Top 10s a run for their money, or their title.

Wildcard: This goes to the wrestler who didn't crack Top 10, but is still in between the No. 10 and No. 11 spots.

John Cena—I thought he was going to hit the Top 10, and in some ways he deserves it. Give this man his respect. I haven't seen anyone this dominant as a face since the Undertaker back in the old days. Cena may not be the best wrestler, but he has beaten some of the very best; and only reason he's not in the Top 10 is because he hasn't fought any of the wrestlers in the Top 10, except HBK and the Undertaker. He just hasn't fought them in their primes.

10. The Rock—I didn't think he would make Top 10, but the way he can will his way to victory has made him an icon in this sport. It always seemed like nothing can keep him down for the three count or he would never submit. As I write this, he does deserve to be in the Top 10.

9. Macho Man Randy Savage—He will always be one of my favorites ever. That elbow drop can take out any wrestler. If he missed, though, that's pretty much it for him in that match. He was truly under-rated and under-appreciated. He stayed in Hogan's shadow, but I always felt he was better.

8. Bill Goldberg—A lot may not agree with this spot, but winning over 200 victories without a loss is unheard of; and he ran through most competition too. I don't see too many wrestlers actually beating Goldberg. Even though he wasn't a technical wrestler, he had technical skills. If all else failed, he would Spear you through the roof and hit a Jackhammer for good measures.

7. Stone Cold Steve Austin—Even back in WCW as Stunning Steve Austin, he still blew through competition, along with Brian Pillman as the Hollywood Blondes. Austin 3:16 was something on another level. That Stone Cold Stunner can knock out anyone, including Goldberg. He could never seem to beat The Rock with that Stunner, though. Stone Cold vs. The Rock was one of the best rivalries ever.

6. The Undertaker—Well-deserved. He is Mr. WWE. His career speaks for itself.

5. Ric Flair—The all-time great. Even in his prime, I don't see him beating anyone in the Top Four on this list. That Figure Four was a deadly submission during his prime. He was the leader of the second greatest stable: The Four Horsemen. The NWO was No. 1 stable.

4. Kurt Angle—This was hard to put him right at this spot. Almost had him at No. 2. Although he did beat Michaels at Wrestlemania, I don't see him beating HBK in his true prime. I'm still up in the air about that. Any of these Top Four wrestlers can beat each other on any given day.

3. Sting—This hurts me to put him at No. 3. He is my favorite wrestler ever. HANDS DOWN! He never fought HBK, and I see him beating HBK, but HBK has beaten the No. 2 wrestler.

2. Bret Hart—The only reason he's above Sting is because he has more victories over Sting than Sting has over him. The best there is, the best there was, and truly the best there ever will be.

1. Shawn Michaels—He is my favorite WWE wrestler of all time. He beat Bret Hart when it really mattered. I'm not talking about the screw-job, but Wrestlemania in the Iron Man Match. That match will always be his classic. He has numerous ones, including the one with The Undertaker, but the impact he has made during his career puts him on top of this list. Plus, he's a class act. ALL HAIL HBK!

That's my list. Feel free to comment and put your opinion on who you feel is the greatest. Thank you for your time.