Why Am I a Giants Fan?

sarah walshCorrespondent IJune 18, 2009

SCOTTSDALE, AZ - MARCH 8:  First baseman J.T. Snow #6 of the San Francisco Giants takes a moment to recover after diving unsuccesffully for a line drive against the Kansas City Royals during their spring training game on March 8, 2004 at Scottsdale Stadium in Scottsdale, Arizona.  (Photo by Stephen Dunn/Getty Images)

"The other sports are just sports. Baseball is a love." --Bryant Gumbel

There are certain members of the B/R community who have been riding me about getting my first article up. So here it is! And you have a random stranger to thank for it. 

While watching the A's/Dodgers game at a bar with a good friend of mine, we were approached by a strange man. 

The man introduced himself, noticed we were watching the game and happened to be a Dodgers fan. When the man heard I was a Giants fan, he had a question for me. "Why are you a Giants' fan? How can you be a Giants' fan?"

A look of horror appeared on my friend's face as she replied, "Honey, she could write you a book."  

But I didn't want to get into it at that moment. 

I guess there are many simple answers to that question. I was born and raised here, I like the color orange, yadda yadda yadda. But it wasn't until later today I started digging deeper for those answers. 

Out of all the other sports in the world, I chose baseball to love passionately. Actually, that's incorrect. Baseball chose me, in a way. It just sort of landed in my lap one day.

I could've loved football, for it was always on TV. Or basketball. Or tennis. I love the sports I play myself (swimming and water polo), but it's different. 

I always followed the Giants growing up, and it wasn't until AT&T opened in 2000 I really started paying attention. We purchased season tickets, so naturally I went to more and more games. 

It became something I really enjoyed doing. Not just for the food or atmosphere, as it had started out, but for the game. I really started to love it. 

However, I had to leave the Bay Area a few years ago in order to really appreciate it. And while I loved my home in New Orleans, personal reasons found me back near San Francisco.

Nothing in San Francisco is as comforting or as welcoming to me like being in AT&T park, or even in the general vicinity. I'll never forget my first game back after my hiatus. 

And the exact moment I saw the park for the first time in way too long, was the exact moment I fell totally in love with baseball. And the exact moment I truly felt like I was home. 

So, I guess there are a million different reasons why I'm a Giants' fan. Garlic fries, JT Snow, the most beautiful park in baseball history, tradition and family to name a few. But the main reason is the Giants are home to me. It's just that simple. 

It's nothing physical, or any minute statistic in the history books that helped me along my path to Giants fandom. It's purely emotional. And possibly fate. Some things were just meant to be. Right?

And I guess that's not really something that can be explained to a Dodgers' fan who has just reminded me my team has never won a World Series. 

So, he can take his bragging rights. I bleed orange and there really isn't anything that could ever change it. I'll take my team without a World Series.

So thanks, strange guy. You just helped me write my first B/R article. I raise my Stinson Beach Peach to you.