Mark Davis's Father Blames Brendan Gaughan For Inflaming The Situation

al asifyouknowSenior Analyst IJune 17, 2009

IRWINDALE, CA - OCTOBER 20:  (L-R) Darrell Waltrip greets Joey Logano and Marc Davis of the Joe Gibbs Driven Chevrolet Racing at the Irwindale Speedway on October 20, 2007 in Irwindale, California.  (Photo by Steve Grayson/Getty Images for NASCAR)

Harry Davis puts the blame on the garage incident squarely on Mr. Gaughan shoulders, here are some quotes by Marc Davis's dad.

"I would have directed it against Mr. Gaughan because he caused the whole problem".

He was speaking of the penalty by NASCAR against Mr. Bryan Berry.

Here are some of the remarks made by Brendan Gaughan before the incident:

''apparently you get a better education at Georgetown than Howard University.'"

 "Find me that dumb wanna-be college graduate, do not let him leave this race track, at all. He's not leaving the track until he sees me." End quote.

I don't find those statements racial, but they are a bit arrogant. agree?

Here are the most surprising quotes by Mr. Harry Davis:

" I have empathy for Mr. Berry because he’s got a family, he’s got a job and this is a very difficult [economic] time for everybody. Mr. Berry ought to take Mr. Gaughan out behind the hauler and do what Benny Parsons would do.”

I would guess that would be, opining a can of wooping, well you know the rest of that saying , don't you?

Harry Davis comment about Mr.Berry are mighty forgiving, this is a great example of taking the high road, if the slurs did happen, this is certainly a forgiving family.

Which brings me to a question ,I feel, most be answered, who is lying here?

Someone said something and someone heard something, It would be good to know who said what, and who heard what.

Someone is telling the truth, and someone is lying, I would assume a full investigation would shed light on this subject, would you agree? has there been one?

The thing that bothers me the most was the swiftness in which NASCAR handed out their punishment.

If Rusty Wallce's statement is true, he said his crew chief was suspended by hear-say,(his quote), then this was not a fair process by any standard.

That would not be fair to Mr. Berry or to the Davis family, if there was racial slurs said by Bryan, the suspension and fines should be substantial for him and his team.

If the reputation of all involved in the Rusty Wallace Racing team was damaged by a lie, then the same should be afforded to the Marc Davis team.

I do understand that neither Mark Davis or Harry Davis have acknowledge they heard the slurs, actually Harry Davis said he was not present during the incident. 

So who said what to whom and when? who is lying, who's telling the truth?

One thing for sure my dear friends,someone is, and I have a feeling all parties involved are trying to sweep the dirt under the rug. Why? I can only guess. Just saying!

And as always, this is just a personal opinion by a fan, and from what I understand everyone has the right to one, and I thank God for that.