B/R Turns into the WWE: It's All About the Game and How You Play It

Raw General ManagerCorrespondent IJune 17, 2009

Welcome to B/R Turns into the WWE. I would like to inform the readers out there that Monday Night Raw will either appear on Mondays or Wednesdays. Depends on what shape the show is in. Anyway, here is this week's Raw.


Monday Night Raw

(Jeff) Welcome to Monday Night Raw everyone! We are in for a great show.

(Ray) And our GM Svyato is joining us in the ring as he claims to have a HUGE announcement!

(Svyato) I have a few things to say. First of all, tonight Connor Green will once again face Captain Charisma and if he wins he will be added to the ITC title match at The Bash.


(Svyato) Second of all I am also aware that JLB is without a No. 1 contender...

for now.

I have decided what I want to see happen. Here's the thing at The Bash it will be a Triple Threat Match between the Hacker, JLB, and Sulayman. If Sulayman gets pinned then the individual who pins him will become the WWE Raw Champiom. If JLB gets pinned then the person who pinned him will be the New World Heavyweight Champion. Now if the Hacker gets pinned then the person who pinned him can say that they got him fired because if he gets pinned he is fired.


(Lights go off an on as the Hacker appears behind the GM)

(Hacker) Seriously? Listen here Svyato, I do not crave the need for titles, i feast off the opponents I defeat so you might as well take me out of that match right now.

(JLB comes down) No deal Hacker, I got a score to settle with you.

(JLB and the Hacker stand there staring at each other)

(Sulay's music hit as the Uprising comes out)

(Sulay) I think you need to hear what I have to say Svyato. Tonight I think it should be a 3 on 2 Handicap Match featuring the Uprising Vs the Hacker & JLB. What do you say?

(Svyato) Not bad, but let's make it interesting. Let's say if JLB and the Hacker win they will get a shot at the tag belts next week. And if you guys win, seeing as Giorgi already has a chance at the European Championship, it will be you and Ben facing off for the titles. I think that's much better.

(Svyato leaves)

(Ray) The Hacker and JLB as partners!? I don't think this will go well.

(Jeff) These to guys hate each other and they have to be partners, this will end in tragedy I can feel it.(Ray) Welcome back to Raw everyone. Coming up next is European Championship qualifier. It will be Adam Testa Vs Adrian Staehle.

(Both men enter and the match begins)

They lock up. Testa throws him into the turnbuckle. Then he runs right into him. He takes him and Irish Whips him to the other corner. He runs into Adrian there as well. He takes him down to the mat. 1, 2, Adrian kicks out.

He lifts him up and starts kicking him and he finishes that off with a huge right hand. He takes him to center ring and he lifts him up for a scoop slam. He covers, 1, 2, Adrian kicks out. Testa gets up and waits for Adrian to do the same. As Adrian gets up Adam hits the Testifacation. 1, 2, 3, we are done.

(RA) Here is your winner, and co-No. 1 contender for the European Championship, Adam Testa.

(Jeff) So now we know the match for the European championship. It will be Mina vs. Jen vs. Giorgi Dolidze vs. Adam Testa.

(Ray) Not bad, not bad at all.


(Sulayman) Listen here guys at The Bash when I'm in that match do everything in your power to stop anyone from pinning me.

(Giorgi & Ben) Got it.

(Ben) And tonight we must take victory so me and Sulayman can win the titles next week.

(Giorgi) Remember about the other match happening at The Bash?

(Sulayman) Yes we also have to get you that European Championship. That was the Uprising shall rule all of Raw!

(JLB walks in) No matter how hard you try tonight or the next week or the week after that all of you will still be victims of mine. This group you have here is made up of two cowards and one soon to be dead leader. Keep in mind what happened to the last guy who messed with me. He's no longer with us now is he?

(Giorgi) The thing with that is that there was one of him and there's three of us. Besides Burgett had no wrestling talent. And due to this even you were able to beat him.

(Svyato Walks in) Guys save it for the ring.

(JLB exchanges stares with the Uprising then leaves)


(RA) The following contest is scheduled for one fall. Introducing first, Captain Charisma!

(CC enters)

(RA) And his opponent, Connor Green.

(Connor makes his way down as his music is playing)

(Ray) Well we all know the deal for tonight. If Connor wins than it'll be a triple threat match for the ITC title at The Bash.

(Chris Browne's music hits as the ITC champion joins Ray and Jeff ringside)

(Jeff) Welcome to the announcer's table, Chris.

(Chris) Yeah, yeah, yeah.

(Ray) So I'm guessing you're here to see who you'll be facing at The Bash.

(Chris) Congrats you're not a complete idiot. Anyways, yes I'm here to watch the match.

(Ray) Do you have a favourite for the match?

(Chris) That's for me to know and for you to never find out.

(Ray) Alright then well let's go to the ring were the bell just rang.

Connor takes CC and Irish Whips him into the corner. He hits a running elbow on him. Followed by a bulldog. He covers, 1, CC kicks out.

Connor heads to the rope. He gets ready to jump off. He jumps, but CC was ready fore him as he hits a dropkick in mid-air.

(Ray) Did that impress you?

(Chris) Not at all.

CC takes him and scoop slam him. Now he goes off the rope and hits a leg drop. He repeats this 4 times. Here's the cover, 1, 2, Connor kicks out.

CC takes him and throws him out of the ring right onto the announce table. Now he comes off the rope and jumps out as well onto the announce table landing on Connor. Count gets to 3 until CC gets up and rolls Connor into the ring. Before he slides in himself he looks over at the table where the ITC Champion, Chris Browne is sitting. He slides back in, Connor is quick to react though and he starts kicking him. Connor covers, 1, 2, CC kicks out.

Connor once again goes to the top rope. This time CC was not able to respond as Connor hits a elbow drop. He covers, 1, 2, thr...CC kicks out and slides out of the ring.

Connor is arguing with the referee that it was 3, not 2 and a half. While he is doing this Chris Browne takes a chair and nails CC in the head with it. Referee did not catch this vicious act by Browne(neither did Connor). Connor gets outside the ring, gets CC slides him back in(he gets in too) and he hits his finisher, Green Mist. He covers, 1, 2, 3. It's done.

(RA) Here is your winner, Connor Green.

(Jeff) That means Connor will be joining Chris and Captain in that ITC title match.

(Chris leaves the ring with a satisfied look on his face)


(Interviewer) Chris, Chris! Can I ask you a few questions?

(Chris) What?

(Interviewer) Why did you hit Captain Charisma on the head?

(Chris) Simple. We all know that Captain and Connor despise each other, which means they won't be concentrated on taking me out only themselves. So once they're done taking each other apart I can just hit my spear and take the victory.

(Svyato walks in) Chris I am very upset with you right now. I did not want anyone interfering with that match. And you did so anyway. You know what? Next week it is going to be Captain Charisma & Connor Green Vs Chris Browne in a 2 on 1 handicap match.

(Chris) Oh wow I'm so scared, two men that can't get along will verse me in handicap action.

(Svyato) I see your point. So instead of that 2 on 1 handicap match I have another idea. You will compete twice next week. Once against Captain Charisma in a No Holds Barred Match and once against Connor Green in a Steel Cage match. Good luck.

(Ray) Look at Chris' face!

(Jeff) He's stunned!Secret Camera

(Mina) So can you help me out?

(Ben) Fine, but then your going to do what I want?

(Mina) And what's that?

(Ben whispers)

(Mina) Fffffff.....fine.

(Ben) Now we have a deal.


(RA) The following contest is scheduled for one fall. Introducing first, Ryan Michael.

(Jeff) Well Ryan had quite a scare at Extreme Rules where Sulayman almost lit him on fire.

(Ray) Tonight he may want some retribution.

(RA) And his opponent, Shane "The Caribbean Playboy" Howard.

(Ray) Shane is still not in a 100 percent state of mind. He has been shaky ever since he lost the title to Ryan Michael. The same Ryan he is facing right now.

Bell sounds and we're underway. Ryan quickly trips Shane up. He runs right at the rope and somersaults off it right onto Shane here's the cover, 1, 2, Shane kicks out.

Shane and Ryan both back up quickly, Ryan gives him a few kicks and he finishes that off with a dropkick right to the torso of Shane. He covers, 1, 2, Shane kicks out.

Ryan quickly lifts him up and continues the kicks until Shane stops his foot. But Ryan once again getting the better of Shane as he hits the Enzigiri. Once again a cover, 1, 2, Shane rolls the shoulder.

Ryan quick to get to the rope. He's ready for the moonsault. He jumps and he hits dead on the spot. 1, 2, oh, so close.

Ryan gets up. He attempts to lift Shane, but he catches him arm and slams him down pulling his arm. Shane now takes him and puts him into a cross face. Ryan struggling to get out, but he does eventually. Shane places him on top of the bottom rope. He goes to the top rope and delivers a big leg drop from the rope. Shane slides back in as the referee starts the count. The count makes it to 5 when Ryan slides back in.

When he does, Shane starts stomping on him right away. Now he lifts Ryan, Irish Whips him and when Ryan comes back off the rope he hits the sidewalk slam on him. Now he just waits for Ryan and when Ryan gets up Shane hits his finisher on him, the Packaged Piledriver. He covers, 1, 2, Ryan rolls the shoulder!

Shane looks really mad now so he decides to go for it again. He lifts him up, but in mid air Ryan changes it into a hurricanna. Ryan quick to get up and get to the top rope. He jumps and hits a moonsault on Shane. Now he quickly returns to his feet along with Shane and he hits his finisher, the Hell Raiser. He covers, 1, 2, 3, this match is over.

(RA) Here is your winner, Ryan Michael!

(Ray) A great contest from both men, but in the end Ryan was just straight up better than Shane.

(As Ryan is walking away Shane grabs a mic)

(Shane) Not so fast there Ryan. I happen to know something you don't know.

(Ryan stares with a confused face)

(Shane) That's right I happen to know that at The Bash it will be Shane Howard Vs Ryan Michael in a Hell In A Cell!

(Ryan looks puzzled)

(Shane) So enjoy your life because after the Bash it will never be the same!

(Shane gives Ryan a evil stare)

(Jeff) Welcome back to Raw everyone! Well we have a very special guest in the audience. It's Marshall himself, Eminem is in the building (camera shows him).

(Ray) And he's not our only celebrity in the building. We also have the lovely Lady Gaga in the building! (camera shows her)

(Jeff) And they're both in time to hear a little segment from out tag champs.

(Ste & Jason make it down to the ring)

(Ste) We're just here to inform you all that no matter who wins tonight we will still walk out next week as the champions.

(Jason) We are going to break the streak for longest tag champs in the history of the business.

(Ste) And neither Hacker and JLB have what it takes to beat us.

(Jason) Same goes for Sulayman and Ben. So it's really pointless to give the winners shots at the titles when they're going to lose anyway.

(Ste) But for now we must leave you because that match for the shot at our titles is next.

(Jason) By the way, I wanted to say one more thing. Lady Gaga you look great tonight.

(Lady Gaga blows some kisses to Jason)

(Ste) Alright Jason let's go.

(Ste and Jason leave)

(Sulayman's music hits as the Uprising comes to the ring)

(RA) The following is a 3 on 2 Handicap match scheduled for one fall. Introducing first, the Uprising!

(Charisma hits as JLB comes down to the ring)

(RA) And their opponents, first, he is the World Heavyweight Champion, Jason Le Blanc.

(Lights go out and back on as the Hacker appears in the ring)

(RA) And his tag team partner, the Hacker.

Bell sounds match starts. Ben starting for the Uprising. While the Hacker and JLB are fighting over who starts. So Ben just pulls JLB from their and starts pounding him. He gets him in the corner and starts delivering some shoulder thrusts. Now he takes him and Irish Whips him towards the rope, but when JLB comes back he delivers a big clothesline. He covers, 1, Ben kicks out.

Ben quickly trying to run to his corner, but instead he gets face crushed from behind by JLB. Now JLB does some taunting to Sulayman and then he turns his attention back to Ben. He starts giving him some right hands until he nails a beautiful uppercut which makes Ben roll out of the ring.

JLB goes over to his corner, and he makes the tag to the Hacker. Hacker quick to get on the rope and he dives out onto Ben. Hacker now takes him and throws him back into the and he once again goes to the top rope. He delivers a forearm axcutter. He covers, 1, 2, Ben kicks out.

Hacker lifts him back to his feet and climbs under them he has Ben on his shoulders. Ben doing everything possible to get off. The Hacker is not a tall man so when they were near his corner Ben was able to make the tag to Sulayman. Sulayman quick to get up and knocks Hacker down while not harming Ben. Now he and Ben hit a double suplex on the Hacker as Sulayman goes for the cover, 1, 2, the Hacker kicks out.

Sulayman takes the Hacker to his corner and starts hitting some big chops until Hacker falls to the ground. He puts his foot in front of Hacker's Adam's apple and starts choking him. Referee starts the count, 1, 2, 3, 4, Sulayman breaks it. Now Sulayman distracting the referee while Giorgi and Ben delivers some big kicks to the Hacker. Sulayman makes the tag to Giorgi now. Giorgi gets on the top rope while Sulayman holds him and hits the flying wheel kick. He covers, 1, 2, the Hacker rolls the shoulder.

Giorgi lifting him to his feet only to get a big blow to the stomach. The Hacker desperately crawling to the corner where a fresh JLB awaits him. Giorgi tries to stop him, but the Hacker kicks him away. The tag to JLB is made. Giorgi is afraid so he tags in the leader of the Uprising, Sulayman. Sulayman goes right at JLB, but only to get hit by a spinebuster.

Both men quickly up, this time instead of getting hit by a spinebuster Sulayman only gets hit by a clothesline. With Sulayman down JLB goes to the top rope. He climbs it and once he comes off he hits a amazing Nosedive. He covers, 1, 2, Sulayman rolls the shoulder.

JLB lifts him up and Irish Whips him, but Sulayman comes back with a big boot that could break your teeth and he hits JLB with it. Now Sulayman lifts JLB and Irish Whips him, but once again the man coming off the rope has the advantage as JLB hits a spear. Both JLB and Sulayman are down. JLB starts crawling to his corner and Sulayman does the same. Hacker and Ben are tagged in. Hacker delivers a flying forearm axcut to Ben. And when Ben gets up he gets introduced to Hacker's boots as he hits a dropkick. Now Hacker is setting up for the Death Valley Driver. Ben's up and he gets hit by the Driver. Hacker covers, 1, 2, 3. We have our winners.

(RA) Here are your winners, Jason Le Blanc and The Hacker!

(Ray) Well it was a great contest, but...

wait whats this, something is coming down the ramp. It seems to be a wet CASKET!

The Casket top flies off as Joe Burgett climbs out with a steel chair. JLB can't believe his eyes. Joe Burgett gets in the ring. JLB stares for a moment and then attacks, but Joe had his number as he flips him and smashes the chair on him. Joe now goes after the Hacker he nails him with a couple of good chair shots until he finally drops the chair and throws him out of the ring. JLB still dazed and confused. Joe gives him a kick to the mid section and hits his finisher, the Saving Grace. He then grabs a mic.

(Joe) Don't you know you can't keep a good man down, Le Blanc?

(Joe raises his arms in victory)

(Jeff) Can you believe this? Joe's back! How will this affect The Bash. Well we'll find out next week, but for now Raw is out!