To All Those B.B.W.A.A., Now What Do You All Do Now!!!!

HotsaucerobCorrespondent INovember 1, 2016

    Just 72 hrs, ago I wrote a very opinionated article on how I felt on how the b.b.w.a.a. should think about who they were going to, and who they were not going to elect in to the Hall of Fame. Now just 72 hrs. later, it is now so obvious to me, that I may have been on to something, about the game of baseball after all.

    With the Sammy Sosa as the latest star to at least, on some body's report may have tested positive for at the time, an illegal substance, that at the time (2003 season) was banned in baseball. My question is this, Now what do the Baseball Writers do now, because it seems to me that all those players who many thought were playing on a level playing field. It is now obvious to me that you (the fan), and any Writer who uses his god given brain, can now see that as a whole. No Player can whole heatedly be trusted, who has played in the last 25 years.

    My feeling is this, Either they (writers) start to elect all those players into Cooperstown, and label them all as playing in the " steroid" era, and if putting an * next to their names helps the writers save face, and at the same time lets the future fan understand that this sad kind of treachery did happened in our 'national pastime".

     The only joy that I get out of this, is I hope that it somewhat help's Mark McGwire at least be given a chance now to be considered, because to this writer, the only thing he did do wrong, was he chose his Constitutional right (5Th amendment) on not talking about the past. Now I am not saying in any way, shape, or form, does he now get a free pass, no sir, as much as I liked him as a player, their are still some suspicion on weather he used or not. But at least this may now win some votes for future consideration.

    Remember what I wrote in my last article, in this great country of ours, you are Innocent, until you are proven guilty. To the person, or person's who were supposed to have either hidden those articles, or had them destroyed, I have to thank you, for at least exposing the truth. Now I would hope that those writers who some had already seemed to me, hellbent on crucifying McGwire, Clemons,and Bonds, but nobody else. I truly hope that this is a wake-up call to those writers, who in my opinion seem to like to play GOD on the voting procedure. If anything, this should start to cleanse there soul's

    I feel this, they all either get in, and they all have an * out by their names, with a little story of what, or when they played, during this sad period in baseball. Or they do not elect anybody from that period, arguing in part that in that sad time in baseball, we the writer, as well as the fan, cannot honestly tell, or trust. Because we, the fan now know, that you do not have to resemble an N.F.L. linebacker to make it shown that certain players did things to their bodies, to play at a higher level. We NOW know that the body structure does not have to change at all, and you can still put up hall-of-fame numbers. ( Palmerio, come to mind.)

     One last thing, it seems to this writer, that those who tested positive, and then only after the fact, did they come forward with an admission of guilt. Let us all remember, that they cheated too, got caught, them told there tale of whoa. For they all seem to be riding under the radar screen, why? because they told the truth, only after they were caught. I feel they would have never said a thing, had they were not tested positive. They deserve the same scrutiny as all the rest of those players, weather they tested positive, or not, and just do not want to talk about anything

   In one last paragraph, this is to me, my way of also defending the players, in the old days like,Ruth, Mays, Gibson, Carlton, and Schmidt, and Jackson. After all it is their records that are falling to the wayside from players, who without all that chemical help would not have gotten close to any of those players listed. I, as the writer feel this, either they do not get in period, or you put them all in, but label them as potential frauds. I feel that is the only fare way of choosing, or doing the right thing!!!