CM Punk and AJ Lee Engaged

Imaan JalaliFeatured ColumnistApril 1, 2014

Update: According to the subscribers-only Wrestling Observer Radio (via, it's not a question anymore, as CM Punk and AJ Lee are officially engaged.


For the last several months, the relationship between AJ Lee and CM Punk has been well-chronicled despite the latter no longer being a WWE Superstar.

Although Lee is without her beau in the workplace, she has been spotlighted as one of the key pieces of the Divas division, and the March 31 edition of Monday Night Raw was no exception.

This time, however, Lee had something else to offer viewers besides fighting her female peers on television—something that may be indicative of a major event in her personal life.

Courtesy of WWE

Screen captures (courtesy of WWE) reveal a ring on AJ's left hand, around her ring finger, leading to deductive speculation that she is now engaged to Punk.

It should also be noted that it is out of the ordinary for a performer to wear any piece of jewelry while wrestling in the ring, for fear of injury. For instance, even with "pulled" punches, the edge of a ring could easily cut the skin of another.

While it is not definitively known why Lee was wearing a ring on her "taken" finger, the ring meant enough to her that she didn't remove it prior to getting physical in the squared circle.

Courtesy of WWE

For all we know, given the heavily stacked odds of her title defense, Lee's new piece of jewelry may be replacing another, her Divas Championship, at WrestleMania 30. Suffice it to say that if Lee does lose her title, her engagement ring—assuming that's what it is—will prove to be the ultimate consolation prize.


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