The Houston Rockets' Top 10 Defining Draft Moments

Darren SanchezContributor IJune 17, 2009

The Houston Rockets' Top 10 Defining Draft Moments

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    Taking a look back at the Rockets draft history I am reminded of an old saying that, “hindsight is 20/20.” This is especially true in analyzing a team's draft selections over the years considering how it is impossible to consistently pick out the next late round steal or early round bust as it actually happens. That said, the Houston Rockets have a draft history that has more peaks and valleys than John Travolta’s career. Looking back, I have ranked the top ten most defining moments, some good, some not so good, of this proud NBA franchise. I have left off a couple of honorable mentions such as John Lucas and Elvin Hayes. Lucas because he only spent two years as a Rocket before moving on, and Hayes because he made his mark in the league more as a Washington Bullet than a Houston Rocket. Lucas did come back to join the 1986 Rockets, but that was well past his prime. Though I must admit, they both certainly deserve mention as #1 picks in 1976 and 1968 respectively.

#10- 2006 Rudy Gay for Shane Battier

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#9- 2001 Three Picks for Eddie Griffin

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#8- 1998 Three Wasted Picks and Cuttino

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#6 & #7- 1992/1993 Robert Horry and Sam Cassell

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#5- 1970 Rudy T. and Calvin Murphy

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#4- 1983 Ralph Sampson and Rodney McCray

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#3- 2002 Yao Ming

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#2- Moses Malone

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#1- Akeem Olajuwon

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