Real Madrid Lining Up the Stars, But the Defense Remains a Blackhole

Puneet SinghContributor IJune 17, 2009

With all the noise and impact Florentino's "Galactico's 2.0" are making, Perez himself is seemingly making the same mistakes from his past—buying stars, but forgetting to address NEEDS.

With the recent purchases of Kaka and Cristiano Ronaldo, they are reminiscent of Florentino's old purchases of Zidane and Beckham—the model professional and the mega star who can be marketed beyond belief. Both were something Perez fancied during the first Galacticos Era.

Again though, these are luxuries considering the Dutch contingent of Rafael Van Der Vaart, Arjen Robben, and Wesley Sneijder are a nice trio. Add them to go along with Lass and Mamadou Diarra, Fernando Gago and Guti, and you have an above average and serviceable bunch.

The area that was screaming to be addressed was the backline.

With glaring holes at left full back and one of the centre back spots, Madrid need not only depth, but quality as well.

With Fabio Cannavaro departing back for Juventus and Gabriel Heinze not losing a step but rather a flight of steps, the starting XI's backline already has two openings available.

Currently Madrid's defense consists of Sergio Ramos, Pepe, Miguel Torres, Christoph Metzelder, Heinze, Ezequil Garay (who's coming back from his loan at Racing Santander), and then Javi Garcia and Marcelo—the latter two splitting time between midfield and the backline.

Given Madrid's paper thin defense and Florentino's desire to add world class players, logical sense would be to go out and get defenders such as Raul Albiol, Bruno Alves, Ashley Cole, or Gael Clichy—young all world players who are either peaking or in the prime of their careers.

Considering Florentino's pursuit of Franck Ribery, David Villa, Diego Forlan, and David Silva is far from over, it's highly likely that this issue will once again be forgotten or over looked.

BOTTOM LINE: Same defense will yield same results.

Starting Gabriel Heinze, who has become a shadow of his former self at Manchester United, will continue to be detrimental.

End Conclusion: Buy a left back.

Who Will Replace Fabio Cannavaro?

Garay isn't used to the limelight and playing for a big squad and Metzelder hasn't exactly been a "star" during his time at Madrid. If you move Sergio Ramos to centre back then it opens up a hole at right back.

End Conclusion: Buy two center backs and keep Ramos at RB.

In the end though it is easy to predict what may happen: Perez will only buy one defender and continue to buy offense.

Logic says buy Albiol, Bruno Alves, and Ashley Cole. Perez says buy Ribery and Villa.
Let's hope Huntelaar and Higuain don't mind playing a little defense this year...