NBA Draft: Richard Hendrix Dynamite In Denver?

Sean StancillSenior Writer IApril 27, 2008


In the 2008 NBA Draft, the Denver Nuggets have been shown selecting Mareese Speights with the 20th overall pick in several mock drafts. Why draft Speights; a freshman, when you can instead draft a proven leader in Alabama F, Richard Hendrix.

Hendrix averages 17.1 PPG,10.6 RPG, and 1.3 SPG

One of the few players in college basketball to average a double-double and he plays in perhaps the toughest conference, the SEC.

In each of the first 5 games of the regular season, he notched double-doubles including a 22 point-23 rebound performance in College Basketball's opening weekend. Hendrix posted 16 double-doubles on the year, and of those 16, 6 were 20+ point, 10+ rebounds performance. A 24 point 16 rebound gem against Florida, a 20 point-12 rebound effort versus Tennessee, and a 30 point-9 rebound explosion were his highlights of the year.

His points, rebounds, blocks, steals, free throw attempts, minutes, and field goal percentage were all the highest they've ever been last season also. Speaking of FG percentage, he shot 59.8% FG from the field.

Reverting back to his defensive skills, look who Richard Hendrix has defended against: 

Held Anthony Randolph to 13 points on 4-14 shooting 

Held Mareese Speights to 6 points on 3-7 shooting and fouled him out of the game

In his junior year, he led the Crimson Tide to victories over Florida, LSU, Arkansas, and Vanderbuilt.

He was also All SEC first team last year as well.

Reasons why the Denver Nuggets should Draft him

1. Richard is in my eyes, the draft's top pure rebounder, and attacks the board with amazing force. With Hendrix in the mix, Denver would instantly have of the best inside tandems in the game with Marcus Camby and himself.

Marcus would be able to take the young man under his wing and groom him into a potential All-Star. Opponents points in the paint, FG percentage, and rebounding would all be down if R.H. is taken by the Nuggets.

2. Hendrix can become an automatic replacement for Kenyon Martin, who holds a monster contract crippling Denver, age, and less than average agility. All Nuggets owner Stan Kroenke needs to do is find some poor sucker to unload Kenyon Martin on. #35 brings fresh legs, a desire to win, and good speed for a man his size. Richard's size and speed is an advantage that the Nuggets would be able to exploit against other teams that lack in that category.

3. He is versatile. That is the key word for the Denver Nuggets. They need someone who can provide a combination of offensive production, defense, and good attitude. Richard Hendrix is the man for the job.


The Nuggets should choose Richard Hendrix with the 20th overall selection in the 2008 NBA Draft.