Who Says There Is No Heart In the NBA?

Yoni JanisContributor IJune 17, 2009

Every time I hear that sentence I stick my tongue out and make a noise that otherwise is made by your rear end. "I love college-ball because of the emotion", "because they play with their hearts".

Stop crying and kidding yourself. You probably are from a college area or went to one. You can't compare the two.

Everyone in the NBA plays with their heart. You simply cannott play with a full tank of gas for 82 games without it.

If a player didn't play with  passion, the coach would bench him.

Of course you have the odd man out, but don't mistake higher quality of basketball with less emotion.

Did you see the playoffs?

So much emotion and high quality of play. Just pure joy for a basketball fan.

People think players play only for the money in the NBA. While that can be true, they need to play well in order to get that desired amount of money.

In college, players don't care about their teams. Why would they leave after a year if they did? All they want is to play with the best of the best and prove themselves.

For all you college fans; the level of play is dropping every season and you might want to check the pros to get better entertainment.

Now look I love the NCAA tournament, but don't forget it's only a step stool for those who want to have a pro career.

However for some it his their prime and they show passion and heart, and although that is admirable don't make the mistake that it means more to them.

In the end the dream for all is the NBA and it is very hard to reach the dream.