Triple Threat Matches: Boring...Boring...Boring

ryan underwoodContributor IJune 17, 2009

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You know something I am fed up of triple threat matches in wrestling. It's gotten to the point where I have stopped seeing these matches. Triple threat matches don't create great angles, or get a wrestler over.

The problem with the triple threat matches is this, you have one weak wrestler, the company wrestler who doesn't want to lose, the eventual winner who is going to keep the title for a few months or so.

So for the company wrestler, he can drop the belt without actually losing the match and he can take a holiday or a nice break and than come back straight away into an angle with the champ, by saying you never beat me, so hence I deserve a title shot.

Its so lame, especially with Triple H doing this all the time, John Cena does it all the time and than now you have the Edge, CM Punk and Jeff Hardy scenario.

I don't know if there is any more I can say on this but I still remember during the 90's the great singles matches that used to take place, anyone remember Bret Hart-Shawn Michaels iron match at Wrestlemania or what about Steve Austin-Bret Hart, etc.

There are so many great matches that were not triple threat. Triple threat matches make up weak story lines cause they distort a storyline, let the top wrestler off easily by not making him lose.

Why does WWE or Triple "Nose" H not understand that sometimes you have to lose cleanly to get more respect or create a great storyline.

They just have to look at other sports, the greatest storyline in sports is of the underdog, or one of the comeback. You get more respect that way cause winning and losing are part of the same package.

Its the same thing with TNA, there's not that much difference there.

For that reason, i find triple threat matches an excuse for egoistical wrestlers who think that by not losing, they look better. They don't, I for one just detest them that much more like for e.g. Triple "Nose" H.