The Green Bay Packers Can't Change History, No Matter How Hard They Try

Adam LindemerSenior Analyst IJune 17, 2009

Something drastic has been happening in Green Bay, WI for awhile, and quite frankly, it sickens me.

The Green Bay Packers, and most of their fans, are trying to erase 16 years of history in the most storied franchise in all of the NFL.

Brett Favre came to the smallest NFL city in 1992 under the genius of then GM Ron Wolf.

Favre had a less than comfortable exit after the 2007 season, in which he delivered his retirement speech, but came back to the league about four months later.

There are many speculations as to why Favre was shown the door in Green Bay, and the way it was handled.

We all know the story.

My take on this whole thing is exactly what Favre said recently on Joe Buck Live, "It is what it is."

So the story has shifted gears yet again as Favre wants to come back and play in the NFL for a 19th season.

Brett Favre has been considered "dead" to many Packer fans already just because he showed his face in a uniform that was not the Green Bay Packers.

Now, to Packers fans, Favre is contemplating blasphemy as he wants to play again, but this time he's looking to return as a member of the Minnesota Vikings.

I can still hear the collective gasps from the Frozen Tundra, as they continue to call Favre a traitor.

However, he can't be a traitor if he was 'forced' out of the city in the first place, right?

Why is Green Bay punishing a man who has done nothing wrong to its fans or the city itself?

Yes, he retired, took it back, and was shipped to New York because he didn't want to play second fiddle to Aaron Rodgers, but it wasn't his fault.

Favre gave his heart and soul to the Packers organization for 16 years and fans were grateful for every moment.

Why the change of feelings?

He changed the way outsiders looked at Green Bay. It was no longer just a small city in Northern Wisconsin, but rather it was Titletown once again because of good old No. 4.

Why are people turning their backs on a guy who simply wants to play a game forever?

That's the motive behind all of these charades. He just wants to play football, and he doesn't care where, nor should he.

Should the whole 'Favre leaving Green Bay' fiasco have been handled differently? Yes.

Should the entire Packers fan base shun Favre simply because he refuses to quit? No.

The only thing that he is doing wrong is committing, then taking it back. If you watched Favre play football though, he's doing things exactly according to plan.

How many times did Favre leave the huddle with one play on his mind, then completely change things at the line of scrimmage?

This is nothing new that fans are seeing from Favre. So he is not the puppet master, and we are not the puppets in this show.

Favre has one thing on his mind wherever he goes though, and one thing only: football.

He would play quarterback on his hands and knees if he had to because football is all he knows.

When Favre finally leaves the game, it will be forever. That's it, game over.

Favre is impossible to forget, yet many Cheeseheads have washed themselves clean of him overnight.

How can a football god become the peasant in a matter of months?

I'm a Packer Backer until I die, but I'm a Favre addict even longer. Why?

He plays the game the right way, and will do so until he himself his gone from the game.

Did people think less of Joe Montana because he went to Kansas City? No.

What about the feeling towards Michael Jordan when he returned with the Washington Wizards? They didn't change one bit. 

To me, it doesn't matter WHERE Favre plays, all that matters is THAT he plays, because the NFL without Favre is the true blasphemy.


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