The Drew Of It : The Roids Of Our Lives

Thomas AndrewCorrespondent IJune 17, 2009

CLEVELAND - MAY 28: LeBron James #23 of the Cleveland Cavaliers reacts late in the game against the Orlando Magic in Game Five of the Eastern Conference Finals during the 2009 Playoffs at Quicken Loans Arena on May 28, 2009 in Cleveland, Ohio. NOTE TO USER: User expressly acknowledges and agrees that, by downloading and or using this photograph, User is consenting to the terms and conditions of the Getty Images License Agreement  (Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images)

So Slammin' Sammy is now officially on the list. The blacklist of baseball's power elite that have as much a chance at entering the hall as I do at ever understanding the obsession of twitter. Seriously, is your life that bad? Do we really need to micromanage every step of the way folks? Maybe Sammy should have "tweeted" he couldn't read the english on the needle. And on that note, could we really be looking at another perjury case for a professional athlete ? You bet we are. How can't the U.S.? Its ridiculous, but he lied to them. He can't "misremember" a positive drug test. It is ridiculous when we are at war (or anytime) to march athletes (entertainers) in front of congress! So now they have to keep up the parade until we get the 2001 All Star teams lined in front of a judge. That should help take their attention off the economy, two wars, education and anything else that really matters.

 I doubt there is a single person that is reading this that was shocked. And I'm sure there are a good portion of the readers that said " I thought he already got caught".Yeah the guy shrunk up after drug testing started like my favorite Kordell Stewart jersey did in the dryer.( Where will i find other?) The public knew the guy was a cheat, and didn't buy his b.s. trip to congress. There are much bigger questions that this brings to my mind however.

How couldn't we see this coming ? So it looks like every great player and season from this generation was a fraud. Remember Brady Anderson's 1996 50 home run season? The guy averaged 13.6 home runs the previous three years. That's like Tim McCarver  saying something that makes any kind of sense. Red flags should be going up everywhere. (Sorry Tim, it had to be done. You make Joe Buck sound like a damn genius. I think i read somewhere that he wrote you into his contract so he could sound really really smart, job well done)

Another issue that comes across my mind with steroids and this generation is the "what if" factor. What if other generations had access to steroids. I'm talking about Ruth, Mays, Mantle (that one's easy), Rose (Umm, too easy as well), Clemente, Aaron and the list can go on forever. A great number of older players have been coming down on this generation like Ike Turner after a long night of Jack and Jim. ( Thought it was too soon for the Chris Brown joke, so i went old school with it) They all scream and yell about their generation and the good ole days. Baseballs "gods" would have cracked under the pressure as well. Maybe not all of them, but you better believe the majority would have. This doesn't come down to the money argument. The saying, "wouldn't you do it for 20 million?" Nah, that's not why most of these guys juice it up. These guys are competitive freaks. As are most professional athletes. The competitiveness gets multiplied many times over when you are dealing with a superstar.

No other generation will be safe. Lets face that fact. Steroids are here for as long as sports will be. But why is baseball getting blasted the way it is? Football is "THE SPORT" now. It has been for a while, but it doesn't get held to the same standard. Its not even close. Players just pop back into the huddle after their fine or suspension like nothing happened. I read an article about Rodney Harrison and his bid for the hall. It was barely a footnote that he was popped for PEDs. If this was baseball, it would have been the first and only thing discussed. Football seems to me like a sport where PEDs will help you a hell of alot more than baseball. A sport where you actually get tired and fatigued when you play it. Where your strength and speed mean everything. Yet football players aren't held to the same standard as baseball.

 Basketball players aren't held to any kind of standard. I'm probably wrong, but i can't name one basketball player who has been broadcasted as a user. Are we all that naive? Are they all little angles, who never touch the stuff? These guys need them just as much as any other sport for an edge. Many people suspect Albert Pujols to be playing the PED game. That is all out of pure suspicion. Well let me go where no one else will go. How about Lebron James? Hmmmmm. Yep i went there. I have nothing against the guy, and I have no reason to believe he has done anything. The only thing i have is watching and analyzing sports almost my entire life. The kid brought a 28 year old body to the NBA when he as 18. If he played baseball Lebron James wouldn't stand a chance in the sports sections, and bloggers blogs around the world. How about Dwight Howard? Same deal as James. I can't think of two guys at their age ever that looked like these two in any sport. I mean you couldn't build these guys any better in a lab. What do you think Larry Bird, and McHale would have looked like playing these guys?

Whether you are a fan of all sports or just a few, know that steroids are in them all. It will come out now or later but be sure it will come out. Im sure all of you were crushed by Sosa's coming out party, but don't worry life will go on and there are still about 98 names on the 2003 drug testing list left. Sorry baseball fans, but they will be leaked out painfully and slowly for the next months. And you better believe that just before the World Series is about to fire its first pitch, the next joker journalist will drop the biggest name of the year, followed by their book about it.