How Long Until a Yellow Flag for Tweeting While Racing?

Spike RoganContributor IJune 17, 2009

7 Jun 1998: A general view of #7 Wurz crash during the Canadian Grand Prix in Canada.

NASCAR races are littered with yellow flags, most debris, many for careless driving. Considering the need for increased PR in this low point of sponsors. Add to that the increase of "texting" related crashes on the street. Will we see a TWITTER YELLOW?

I suspect it would be in a stock car, since IRL and F1 drivers have little arm room.

Could you see the NASCAR live tweets during the race? "@KyleBusch You cut me off! Stick that finger where the sun don't shine! #18 NASCAR"

Well luckily no drivers are REALLY doing this during a race...yet. But many have their PR folks do it for them. Yet very few note this. The only racer whose tweets will list if they did not make them is Sarah Fisher. (Klint) Remember her (Sarah Fisher)?

She was the third female to run the Indy 500, until recently was the best qualifier for the 500. Appeared on the Price is Right to plug this years race.

Seems Sarah knows good PR. And she knows good PR is more than Hustler magazine type poses. Sarah dosn't need to "take a shower" to get a sponsor. Granted her team is not a contender week in and week out. But we see Sarah Fisher knows how to communicate, with her mind to fans.

Another person who is tweeting on his own to race fans is Kyle Petty. As a matter of fact maybe too much. I mean for a guy Kyle's age, shouldn't he be a tad bit anti-twitter? It is cool to see constant live twitpics from the TNT booth. Not to mention how nice it is NOT to hear "Boogity Boogity Boogity."

The first active NASCAR driver I found on twitter was Bobby Labonte. Not sure this guy is writting this stuff. He rarely has much to say and sadly most of it over, and over is how bad they ran. The only real thing I know from his tweets is Bobby likes Five Guys burgers, and Karl Rove. (I agree on the Burgers and totally disagree on Rove)

The NASCAR crowd has been slow to tweet, much like they have been slow to fuel injection, coil over suspension,un-leaded fuel, and non-Republican Presidents. Always forgetting Democrat Jimmy Carter was the first to invite NASCAR to the White House. DOH!

Oh and Sarah Fisher follows the Obama Twitter account. You can learn racers political thoughts indirectly by who they follow.

The IRL flooded twitter very early. The list is short what open wheel racers don't tweet. I learned that Paul Tracey likes to watch Fox News. Don't most Indy fans claim PT is a jerk? Don't most in the world of Politics think the big names from Fox are all jerks? Maybe many dots are connected on PT and the Fox demographic.

I get to hear what Marco Andretti is eating. I doubt he types his tweets. If he did, I could imagine post Texas. "@DanicaPatrick Yo beyach, It's my name on the team NOT YOURS! #texasspeedway"

Max Papis really loves being in NASCAR. He tweets how much he hopes to win. This is not a parody but his tweet earlier today. "maxpapis great NASCAR MIS CLIP Sights and Sounds is why NASCAR are just #1 I want to be in winner circle soon" You have to love the little space Twitter gives for a post.

Papis did have these great comments on F1. "maxpapis if Max Mosley continue like this he will destroy F1 as it happen in CART when I was there How can you have a such a man running FIA?"

Followed by "Whitemaxpapis Have they forgot the scandal those pictures? He is just a bad low values,not good example for kids person so Mosley should be out"WOW a NASCAR racer not afraid to be honest, those dang foreigners!


Few racing shows actually read tweeets on air. Speed Freaks is maybe the lone exception to this. Yours truly has been quoted on Speed Freaks many times. I gain more and more followers when they do it. Most race shows say "Follow us on twitter' so all they can do is plug "Listen to us tonight".

Speed Freaks is the ONLY racing show I tweet, I don't give free one liners to shows that use the material as theirs.

And we do learn sad news from Twitter from the racing world. Speed Freaks tossed up the local news links first, on Johnny Benson's Berlin wreck. Luckily JB seems to be doing fairly well.

Also we learned from Mario Moraes tweets, his father has had some major health issues of late. I'm not sure what or just how bad. I know from Indy until Texas he has had to visit his father in the Hospital.

Having lost my father suddenly to Liver Cancer days after the Daytona 500, I can imagine what must be on his mind. I was supposed to write a weekly column on Motorsports from the first Sunday in May. I only started today mid June! Deaths or terrible illness can wear on your mind.

Heck I got into a "Road Rage" incident a month after my fathers passing. It is so heavy on my mind. I couldn't imagine trying to run a major auto race with my mind so distracted. I suspect the kid gets it! I wish the best for Mario and his father.