Chicago Bulls Rumor: Summer Trades Are Heatin' Up

Jeremy FoyContributor IApril 27, 2008

This past season could be more helpful than one may think.

This '08-'09 draft is deep with the first 15 picks, and the Bulls sitting at No. 9 are not that badly off.  That 1.7 percent chance to land the No. 1 pick…could happen.

Some rumors are already stirring.


The Bobcats might be looking to exchange Emeka Okafor for the Bulls' No. 9 pick and Gooden. I wouldn’t mind seeing Emeka Okafor and Ben Gordon play together again. It might bring some of the fire that they know they can bring. 


Emeka is a good back to the basket player with explosive defense. His outside shot could use some work, but if he plays to his potential he will find others for that outside jumper.

Another rumor is stating that the Bulls don’t have a true point guard and that they might pick one up in the draft.

That would be a waste of a pick.  Why overload at the guard position, unless Paxon has something up his sleeve—possibly getting rid of a few guards?

I wouldn't mind seeing Brown or Curry leaving in exchange for a future pick—I can see Seattle interested.

But, I would love to see Larry Hughes gone.


He has done nothing for this team, and shows no heart. I wouldn't care even if the Bulls just dropped him with pay—I would not care. They would be a better team.

I have heard other names in the mix—Nocioni, Gordon, Hinrich, TNT.


All of the players on the Bulls are going to be called out this summer. I just hope that Paxson makes the right moves.

Projected starting lineups without draft pick or unpredictable trades:

PG-Thabo Sefolosha / Chris Duhon

SG-Kirk Hinrich / Ben Gordon

SF-Loul Deng / Andres Nocioni

PF-Drew Gooden / Tyrus Thomas

C-Joakim Noah / Aaron Gray

Go Bulls!