Why The Oakland Raiders Have The Best Chance at a 10-6 Season

RaiderusMaxAnalyst IIJune 16, 2009

    Sending out a strong signal to the AFC West, Al Davis signs veteran Greg Ellis DE. This will strengthen the D line. The Oakland Raider D has been in need of a pass rusher for quite sometime and Greg Ellis brings 10 sacks a season avg. 

     The Oakland Raiders are working to overcome the dark cloud that loomed over them since the SB. One flaw was the defensive line, which has allowed teams to break it. In fact, it wasn’t until Coach Tom Cable got the reigns in Oakland that this young defensive line began making plays, pressuring the QB and assist in winning the seasons neding games.

      A huge positive for the team is its running game. Rivals will struggle defending the Oakland Raider rushing attack. In fact, the Oakland Raiders that will have one of the strongest running attacks this season. Each of its three running backs could easily be starter on other teams. So is a 10-6 season in sight? Sure seems like it, all the right players are here.

      As for the addition Greg Ellis, he was to a three-year contract. This is a great move for Oakland provided he continues to play well.  Ellis provides major improvement for the Oakland Raiders. Not only does Ellis bring a wealth of experience, he will also provide the drive that many of the younger players need. Greg Ellis himself had to overcome his own obstacles as he had been injured during the 06 season with an Achilles injury. Then in 2007  he had one of his best seasons and in 2008 he continued to play extremely well. He proved that he was still a pro bowl player.

  So what exactly does Ellis bring to the defensive line? He brings a solid rushing attack. The AFC West is filled with new QBs' and this only makes the excitement grow as the season nears. A faster defense line should feast on AFC rivals. As for the rest they should all have the same outcome, namely, losing to a revitalized Raider organization.    

     Fans shoould also see a lot more blitzing this season. This has been lacking, there is no pass rushing. Greg Ellis has been added to the team with talent like Thomas Howard, Kirk Morrison, Trevor Scott, Derrick Burgess who should step up this year, and  the best secondary (Asomugha and Johnson).

    The Oakland Raiders have been working to get back to the playoffs and decisions like this only make it more and more viable. I can tell you that the AFC West is looking at the moves Al Davis makes, and we all know he wants to “just win baby”.

     The Oakland Raiders have also added veterans Lorenzo Neal and Jeff Garcia. Neal is basically a machine and Garcia could actually be a Plunkett.

       The Raider are really beginning to take shape and although there are many who still are doubtful about the Oakland Raiders, the fact remains that they have an awesome corps of players. I can safely say the Raiders should be a 10-6 team this season.  

      Its Raiderball again and baby we are here to win!!!!!!! Go RAIDUHZZZZZ!!