MLB 14 the Show: PS4 Screenshots of Cincinnati Reds Star Brandon Phillips

Brian MaziqueCorrespondent IIIMarch 26, 2014

image from Sony

Those of us starving for glimpses of the upcoming debut of MLB The Show on PlayStation 4 got a little bit of nourishment today. Sony released two images of Cincinnati Reds star Brandon Phillips for public consumption.

Phillips and a few other major leaguers, like San Francisco Giants catcher Buster Posey and cover athlete and reigning American League MVP Miguel Cabrera, are all included in the marketing and advertising of this year’s version of the game.

During a preview event for the game in Scottsdale, Ariz., Phillips and a host of other major and minor leaguers stopped by to take a look at the game. I caught up with Phillips at the event and talked to him about a host of things.

In the interview below, we discussed his skills on the sticks, bowling (he’s bowled three perfect games), the WWE and the best players in the major leagues currently.

Without question, these images are stunning. The detail in the faces, hair and backgrounds are amazing. From what I saw at the event in Scottsdale, the images from night games are equally as impressive and distinctive.

image from Sony

Each ballpark is rendered masterfully, and player likenesses stand out the way you’d expect from a next-generation video game. MLB 14 The Show has an especially tough task from a visual and gameplay standpoint when it comes to making the jump from PlayStation 3 to PS4.

The game already looked amazing and played so well, the bar is even higher for the franchise to exceed what is certain to be lofty expectations. The PS3 version was on display in Scottsdale, and I can tell you, it looks pretty slick in its own right.

Undoubtedly, fans of both systems will probably be pleased with the final product for both systems. Stay tuned for a full preview of the PS3 version on Friday. It releases on April 1. The PS4 version will be in stores on May 6. 


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