Predicting Phillies' Biggest Snubs, Surprises from Final 25-Man Roster

Zak SchmollAnalyst IMarch 26, 2014

Predicting Phillies' Biggest Snubs, Surprises from Final 25-Man Roster

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    Although I have never been in the running for a spot on a major league roster, I am sure that the final days of spring training have the potential to be the best or worst days of your life. At that point, everyone is so close to making the final roster that heartbreak or exhilaration are the two potential yet inevitable outcomes.

    The Philadelphia Phillies are no different this season. Some players are excited that they are even in the running while others are going to experience the disappointment of heading back down to the farm. I want to highlight four of these guys. In my mind, two of them are going to make the roster, and two of them will not. Be sure to let me know in the comments if you have any other thoughts or players who you think should or should not be on the Phillies for Opening Day.

Out: Mario Hollands

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    Mario Hollands is seriously making a play for a spot in the Philadelphia Phillies’ rotation, but he is awfully young, and it’s hard to tell if he is actually going to be able to grab the final position.

    While he has been excellent in spring training with a 1.29 ERA, last season he was less than impressive in AA. In 13 games, his ERA was 4.31. It certainly is possible that he improved so much over the winter, but you have to wonder if his lack of upper-level success will hold him back when the final cuts need to be made.

    Philadelphia has many pitchers to choose from, and I worry that Hollands might end up temporarily on the outside until he proves himself a little bit more.

In: Reid Brignac

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    Reid Brignac has never really turned out much of anything in the major leagues, but with the release of Kevin Frandsen and Ronny Cedeno, it seems like he is certainly the front-runner to grab the utility infielder position off the bench.

    He has been awfully convincing this spring. He is hitting .353 through 17 games. He only had 17 at-bats, so it isn’t like he is playing entire games. However, that is more offense than he has demonstrated in his entire career, so that is a point in his favor.

    He might not be the best, but with Freddy Galvis injured, this one makes a lot of sense.

Out: Cesar Hernandez

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    With the strong performance out of Reid Brignac, Cesar Hernandez is probably going to end up being the odd man out. Technically, he is also an outfielder, but the Phillies do not have much of a problem there. Even though he is hitting .281, I don’t think that will be enough for him to earn that spot.

    Unfortunately for him, he also had a potential inside track after putting up a .289 average 34 games last season. While he doesn’t have much power, you would have to think that those kinds of numbers would have given him a good chance this season.

    I don’t mean to be pessimistic, but it seems as if his spots are being taken.