Baylor Bro: The Bro King of March Madness

Dan CarsonTrending Lead WriterMarch 24, 2014

Screenshot via SB Nation GIF

Bro hard or bro home, bro. 

Of all the things bros love—high-fives, ignoring the show Girls and bombing alcohol into other alcoholsthe pastime they cherish most dearly is crushing it.

Be it beers, brats or basketball, bros want it dominated now and thoroughly. This would explain the excitement of one Baylor bro, who spent Sunday night watching his team crush Creighton into a mass of sad, gray submission in its round-of-32 matchup. 

Isaiah Austin and co. overwhelmed the Bluejays from the first whistle, winning 85-55, and no one enjoyed it more than this jersey-popping, chest-ripping bro.

SB Nation crafted a GIF of the most bro-ly individual. He knew he was on TV, and he made the most of it. 

GIF via SB Nation

Pay attention to the form. He goes from Chaka Khan-ing to Superman chest rip in one fluid motion. He then finishes it off with a “Baylor represent!” jersey flap. His hat is backward, his right arm is sleeved. 

This wasn’t his first brodeo, and it won’t be his last. Baylor faces Wisconsin in the Sweet 16 Thursday night.

The Bears can only pray Baylor Bro arrives with bells on and a beer bong. Crushing Frank Kaminsky and the Badgers isn’t easy, and they’ll need all of the single-sleeved fan power they can muster.


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