Falcons Take Matt Ryan; What about D.J. Shockley?

Kit KitchensCorrespondent IApril 26, 2008

As it stands right now, it looks as if everyone agrees that D.J. Shockley is gone from Atlanta.  What bothers me the most about this is how D.J. is so easily dismissed from a team full of proven losers and low-character guys.  

You would think that if Atlanta was smart, they'd keep D.J. on the roster at least for one more year.  If I work in the PR department of the Falcons, I'm saying "D.J. Shockley is an Atlanta kid who isn't a legal liability and who sells seats and merchandise.   There's no reason to cut a guy in favor of Joey Harrington and Chris Redman, who this entire city doesn't believe can win.  Besides, if we keep D.J. and he loses...will anyone be that upset about it?  I mean don't we still suck?"

Personally, I think the potential of cutting Shock would be the second biggest screw up next to hiring Bobby Petrino.  Michael Vick screwed up way after he was in Atlanta, so the drafting of him wasn't as big a problem as what happened after he was here for a few years, so Atlanta gets a pass on that one.

But cutting Shock is dangerous and stupid for a number of reasons:

1)  Are you sure he isn't good enough?  Let's take a look at his NFL career.  His rookie year he was third on the depth chart behind Michael Vick and Matt Schaub.  Was he ever going to be given a chance to play?  Hell no, and he shouldn't have been given the opportunity given that much depth.  His second season, he was IMMEDIATELY bumped down the depth chart be Petrino in a move that I still don't understand.  I mean Petrino wanted to build an offense for Michael Vick, so why would you go out and get Joey Harrington and Chris Redman, when you already have a QB who can run and throw like Vick?  Then during the preseason when Shock was making some strides, he ends up getting his knee blown out.  The kid has hardly had a shot to show what he can do.

2)  Are you sure you want to sell tickets?  I can tell you one damn thing, the fans of the Atlanta Falcons are not going to be swarming to watch Ryan play.  No f*cking way.  They DAMN sure aren't going to be filling up the Dome to watch Joey Harrington or Chris Redman LOSE.  Are you f*cking kidding me?  Why not take Shock, let him start on opening day, put some asses in seats (hello, a hometown black kid is going to appeal to a hometown black crowd), and if you lose, then you haven't done anything worse than you were already going to do.

I swear I could rant about this for days and I hope, honestly, that I'm just wasting my breath.  But if the Atlanta Falcons are so f*cking stupid to release D.J. Shockley before the season, then they deserve to have the franchise fall apart.  Whether or not D.J. is good enough for the NFL is irrelevant.  NO ONE THEY HAVE TAKING SNAPS RIGHT NOW IS GOOD ENOUGH FOR THE NFL.  You might as well give the hometown kid, who's kept his nose clean and tried to be a leader for a team full of thugs, the shot to make a statement before Ryan eventually takes over the reins.  

And, Atlanta Falcons, if you do cut D.J. Shockley in favor of two losers and a rookie, then I PERSONALLY vow to NEVER spend another dime at an Atlanta Falcons game for the rest of my life.  

Now, I'll spend money to watch the Dawgs win the SECC though.  Just wanted to make that clear.  

Man I'm pissed.  I'd love to go punch Mike Smith in the mouth right now for resigning those two no-talent ass-clowns before the draft.  What a f*cking idiot.  

If you ever want to see what it's like to work in the Falcons front office, let me compare it to Mack Williams' work while I was at UGA whenever he referred to the employees in Parking Services:


F*ck it.  Go Packers.


Until next time kids.

Be safe.