Arizona Cardinals Making a Great Statement...Finally

Seth Cox@sethcoxtshqCorrespondent IJune 16, 2009

TEMPE, AZ - JANUARY 16:  William V. Bidwill, president of the Arizona Cardinals; new head coach Ken Whisenhunt and Rod Graves, vice president of football operations pose after Whisenhunt was introduced as the head coach of the Arizona Cardinals January 16, 2007 at Cardinals Training Facility in Tempe, Arizona. (Photo by Nick Doan/Getty Images)


One common thing you always heard about the Arizona Cardinals is that they just never knew how to conduct business.

Whether it be signing free agents, resigning their own players, or getting draft picks into camp on time, you never heard a good word about the organization.

Things are definitely changing now, and it is because of a contract they are refusing to sign. Or should I say contracts they are refusing to renegotiate.

Much has been made about the disgruntled players on the Cardinals such as Anquan Boldin, Darnell Dockett, Karlos Dansby, and most recently Bert Berry.  Well for once I can say to myself, I am siding with the organization.

The Cardinals have publicly come out and tried to trade Anquan Boldin in order for him to get the new contract he so yearns for. While no one really knows how hard they tried to deal Boldin, and every report I have heard or read they were not overly enthusiastic about it, they still made an attempt.

Well we know Boldin was not traded and he has yet to participate or show up to all of the off-season workouts. Also MIA in the workouts was Dockett and Berry because they want new contracts.

This is where the Cardinals are taking a proactive stand. They have come out and publicly stated that they will not renegotiate any contracts until they only have one year left.

This should be applauded by all organizations, and needs to be something that all teams should put into practice.

There are obviously some exceptions to the rule, such as rookie contracts and restructuring in order to help the team.

Look at the Cardinals contracts for example. Anquan Boldin still has two years remaining on his deal he signed in 2005, one that was given to him after only two years in the NFL.

That was something that is almost unprecedented in the league. Rewarding a two year performer with a nice, rich contract.

Darnell Dockett was in a very similar situation. He was rewarded with a very handsome deal during his third season in the NFL. He was a third round selection and was given a $22 million deal.

After the first year of his new deal, he began chirping about wanting a new deal. I mean this is a guy who had just signed his deal and he is already wanting a new one.

Now he has three years remaining on the contract and he is still demanding a new contract and has even asked to be traded. This is ridiculous and it is not even the worst one.

Bert Berry tested the free agent market, despite being offered a new contract from the Cardinals. Well he did not get what he thought he was worth, so he came back to the Cardinals, who had already signed a couple of free agents and were working on extending younger, more important players.

He signed a one year $1 million deal.  He is unhappy with that contract and is sitting out. He turned down their first offer! How can you be so greedy to sit out on the only team willing to give you a playing spot?

The Arizona Cardinals have not done a whole lot right in their existence, but one thing they are definitely doing good is sending a message to their players. 

If you sign a contract, honor it and keep your mouth shut, and when you have one year left, if you deserve more money you can expect it.

Just ask Adrian Wilson.