Was Anyone Happy after UFC 99?

Dorothy WillisSenior Writer IJune 16, 2009

Unfortunately, I was not at all happy after UFC 99, which was held in Cologne, Germany on June 13.

For one thing, I got the results of the fight long before the event was even scheduled to begin.

True, there have been times when I was elated to learn who won before watching to see it for myself.

However, that occurs mostly when the fighters I have picked to win do, which was not at all the case in this event.

Judging from the reactions of the fans and even several fighters, there was more discontent after this event than is usually the case.

For one thing, Marcus Davis, Caol Uno, Mustapha Al-Turk, and Wanderlei Silva all thought that they had won, But then so did I, in a few cases.

There was more than one decision that I had a gripe with and would have liked to see go the other way.

True, Dan Hardy, whom my friend calls "the red rooster," was off the wall fierce in his fight and did get his win by virtue of Davis's thin skin and the way Hardy had provoked him pre-fight.

There is a lot to be said about not letting anger get the best of you during a fight.

All the insults and taunting had Marcus losing not only his temper, but the fight as well.

In the meantime, Hardy allowed any stress he may have felt, which appeared to be negligible to none at all, roll off him like water off a duck.

He fought smart and powerfully and didn't care that some fools (guilty as charged), were actually pulling against him.

I guess the judges noticed this.

Mustapha appeared to have a legitimate gripe about being poked in the eye, just as viciously as Kevin Burns gouged Anthony Johnson in their first meeting.

Although I had definitely wanted Cro Cop to win, that was certainly no way for him to do it.

Just as Johnson got no satisfaction when he complained after his fight, I doubt that Al-Turk will get any farther by complaining, no matter how long and hard he carries on about it.

Not everyone can rally as did Georges St-Pierre in his first fight with BJ Penn, when after his eye was poked, he saw so many Hawaiians come at him he didn't know which one to punch.

And my heavens did I feel awful about Wanderlei tanking before the end of his match. His physique looked tremendous and he fought his heart out, completely winning over the hearts of the fans, if not high scores from the judges.

I will so be looking forward to seeing him fight in the 185 pound division; once he gets used to that weight, I expect great battles from the Ax Murderer.

Dana White seemed initially to be elated with the success of the promotion in Germany, despite the poor opinion certain politicians had voiced about MMA as being "a vicious blood sport" before the date of the fight was even finalized.

The fact that the Croation Sensation defected from the UFC to the Dream organization after the fight did take the wind out of White's sails, if not the invective out of his F word littered speech, but then what else is new? Certainly not Dana's propensity for foul language.

I have read so many articles wherein the fighters feel they were robbed at UFC 99, that I will be glad to have it over and will look forward to UFC 100.

Somehow I fear predicting the winners for this highly touted fight for fear I will jinx my favorite fighters.

At the rate I am going now, I could single-handedly be responsible for sending the sport back to the dark ages simply by wishing the fighters good luck.

Like the ancient Greeks and Romans, I will have to just leave it to the gods of fighting who will prevail .