The Nickel: Punk/Hardy, Orton/Triple H, Donald Trump, and RAW 3 for All

AkDSenior Writer IJune 16, 2009

RAW is in the toilet 

Jericho opened the night with a short promo ripping RAW in half, literally.

He took the time to mention that RAW had no GM, a vacant world title, and a drop in ratings. Jericho continued his angle with Rey Mysterio once again, claiming that his mask will be his downfall.

Mysterio came out with nice gold attire and had one hell of a match with Jericho. Mysterio pulled off a difficult looking dive out of the ring through the middle rope near the ring post on Jericho.

There was also a moment where it looked like Jericho was going to attempt a 619 on Mysterio that was really amusing. Rey also did a pretty impressive sunset flip powerbomb on Jericho from the top rope and nearly got the count.

Rey's fate would indeed be his mask as Jericho stated and foreshadowed for quite some time. Rey's springboard was countered when Jericho pulled his mask, blurring Rey's vision.

Mysterio grabbed his mask, scrambling to adjust it, but received a code breaker from the IC champion who got the three count and retained.

It was a fantastic opening.

Mysterio and Jericho have done a great job with the feud, and I hope more is on the way.


Trump card

I'm having mixed feelings about Vince "selling" RAW to Donald Trump.  It seems like Mr. Trump doesn't want to be completely forgotten. The great news in all of this is that it isn't Ric Flair.

I was prepared for the worst and had my remote ready to change the channel, but Flair wasn't the fact no one was.

Trump was named as the owner of RAW, but I guess it can count as the GM too, unless someone is named soon.


World Heavyweight championship match

The match between Punk, Edge, and Hardy was well worked. I assumed Punk would win, but the way he did puzzled me. During the match he was thrown above Edge's shoulders and fell onto the steel steps outside.

He held his knee and I assumed it wasn't legit, though it could have been. Nevertheless, the smokescreen was done very well as it appeared that Hardy could have very well won the belt after hitting a swanton bomb on Edge and Punk on the floor with his knee being tended to by doctors.

The end came after Hardy's swanton bomb when Punk pulled him out of the ring and rammed him into the steel steps. It was interesting seeing Punk get aggressive with Hardy and Hardy getting aggressive with Punk really going after the knee.

Punk got rid of Hardy and pinned a knocked out Edge. Teddy Long came out after the match and announce Hardy vs Punk for the title at the Bash.

I'm actually looking forward to the match, though I'm not really a fan of Hardy or Punk, but the most interesting part is Edge on the outside looking in.

Who will the Rated R superstar face at the Bash?


Age of Orton 3

The fatal four way wasn't half bad as I initially thought. Show, Cena, Trips, and Orton found time to deal with their personal feuds and go at their competition during the match.

Cena was on his superman mode just like he is in any other match.

Seeing Trips get finished early was surprising as the ending focused on Cena, Show, and Orton. Cena once again put the mighty Show on his back with a massive attitude adjustment only to have Orton run in from outside and toss him shoulder first into the ring post.

I guess Cena didn't see Orton slither into the ring. Orton waited for Show to come around and gave him an RKO for the pin.

That mark reign No. 5 for Legacy's leader...can it actually mean something this time?


The rest of the 3 for all

Tommy Dreamer defeated Christian in a very boring ECW title match. Dreamer really shouldn't have worn those pants.

I can't believe he retained on a roll up pin.

The Colons defeated the Hart Dynasty via DQ after a Priceless run in. Looks like Orton's boys might finally be manning up and sent a message to the Unified tag champs.

Mickie James defeated Rosa Mendes. It's about time Mendes started spending more time in the ring instead of at ringside.

She tried, but Mickie triumphed over Beth Phoenix's student. Diva's champ Maryse was at ringside to witness the match and even teased Mickie afterward.

Triple H won the battle royal...surprise!

The WWE title match against Orton will take place next week during the commercial free RAW.

Miz destroyed Hornswoggle and Goldust...hilarious.