Texas Motor Speedway's 'Big Hoss' Becomes World's Largest HDTV Screen

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Texas Motor Speedway's 'Big Hoss' Becomes World's Largest HDTV Screen
Gary Miller/Getty Images

If you love big scoreboards, head on down to Texas to check out some of the world's most impressive models.

Even though the Dallas Cowboys have a giant video board of their own, it gets blown away by the new scoreboard at the Texas Motor Speedway. The screen inside of AT&T Stadium is 9,000 square feet smaller than the recently-unveiled "Big Hoss."

Gary Miller/Getty Images

The numbers on the Big Hoss are staggering, via Jalopnik.com's Raphael Orlove:

  • Width: 218 feet
  • Height: 94.6 feet (21 stories)
  • Area Covered: 20,633.34 square feet
  • Weight: 108 tons
  • LEDs: More than 14 million

If necessary, it is estimated that this giant scoreboard could withstand winds of up to 130 mph.

Those numbers alone jump out at us. However, let's make it easier to understand the size of the scoreboard.

According to the Star-Telegram's Mac Engel, two jumbo jets could fit inside of Big Hoss. Nine Alamos can fit in the area occupied by the massive scoreboard.

The video screen was used for the first time on Wednesday to show Duck Dynasty:

Gary Miller/Getty Images

That looks like a whole lot of fun.


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