Why ESPN Should Stay Away From Soccer

Sports WriterCorrespondent IJune 15, 2009

PRETORIA, SOUTH AFRICA - JUNE 15: A general view of the oftus Versfeld Stadium during the FIFA Confederations Cup match between USA and Italy at Loftus Versfeld Stadium on June 15, 2009 in Pretoria, South Africa.  (Photo by Jamie McDonald/Getty Images)

Okay, let me start off by saying I love soccer, especially World Cup Soccer. I am a huge USA and Ireland fan and I love that ESPN has every United States World Cup Qualifying and Confederations Cup game live on T.V.

That being said...

ESPN, stick to Basketball!

The ESPN announcers for soccer are terrible.

Beyond Terrible. Horrific? Sad to listen to? Rather listen to Spanish announcers? Getting the picture?


While I do not want ESPN to stop showing World Cup games, they do need new announcers!

These announcers can not pronounce any ones names, they tell you no information such as extra time or penalties. They do not know soccer.

It is like they picked up two people off the street and said, hey, say everything you hear, its almost like watching a Phillies game (R.I.P Harry Kalas), the announcers there yesterday talked about the style of knitting on the uniforms for 10 minutes!

Announcers are supposed to have an intelligent understanding of the game, get the fans excited, and let them know what is going on.

Hey ESPN! You're 0 for 3. Your Ryan Howard on a bad night, stop striking out.

Get new announcers or my mute button will be getting used quite a bit.

I know people out there agree with me, I mean, Helen Keller could call a better game than these guys.

That being said, today's games: USA 1 Italy 3, Brazil 4 Egypt 3.

I most likely told you more information there than ESPN ever would, so do not bother going to their website.