Former Knick Metta World Peace Believes New York Can Win Title This Season

Jim CavanContributor IMarch 20, 2014

Getty Images

Everyone who misses Metta World Peace, please raise your hand.

OK, that’s way too many hands.

It’s been nearly a month since World Peace was waived by the New York Knicks following a prodigal return to New York that began with promise and optimism and ended riddled with injuries and littered with intrigue.

Now that the Knicks have hired Phil Jackson, MWP’s former coach with the Los Angeles Lakers, well, Ron Ron has a few predictions for his most recent employer:

We’re not entirely sure whether these need be taken seriously, especially from a guy who thanked his psychiatrist after winning the 2010 NBA Finals and also did this:

Metta’s got his ring—thanks in large part to Phil, to be sure—so odds are there’s at least a hint of genuine sentiment behind these bite-sized dispatches.


Could the Knicks still make the playoffs? Judging by their effort-laden performance in Wednesday’s 92-86 win over the conference-leading Indiana Pacers—with PJax in crowd-roaring attendance, no less—they most certainly can.

Perhaps Bleacher Report’s Grant Hughes summed it up best:

The Knicks are four games behind the Atlanta Hawks for that final seed in the East, and it appears a historically disappointing season might soon be upgraded to ‘still a pretty big bummer.’

But win the NBA championship? How often are Metta and Phil hanging out, exactly?

Put it this way: If World Peace’s predictions come true—if Phil’s sagacious presence is enough to singlehandedly sling the Knicks to a title—I will download this post to a floppy disk and eat it.

There’s little doubt that happy days are here again for the Knicks. It’s just all going to happen in this galaxy.