Game Two of the Eastern Conference Semifinal

Andrew BastedoContributor IApril 26, 2008

Ole, ole, ole, ole...It must feel so good for the Flyers to quiet Montreal's fans in the middle of their song!



It was a better game for the Flyers tonight, but by no means will an effort like this win us a series; meaning we can't rely on Martin (Biron) to steal games for us all the time, like he did tonight. The Flyers had way too many mental breakdowns in their own zone, mainly when a certain few were on the ice.

Yes, it's starting to get old, blaming the Big D for everything, because honestly, he comes up with big games sometimes. Tonight just wasn't one of them.

Montreal's team speed makes Derian look lost out there sometimes, and tonight that certainly happened. The huge giveaway to Kostitsyn could have been the end of the Flyers; luckily, that was one of the many big saves from Biron tonight.

I almost had a heart attack watching the third period. With Montreal on a power play, I noticed that we had Kukkonen and Hatcher out there killing the pp. I just couldn't beleive it! Not that they're not skilled enough to kill regular penalities, but since Montreal has had their way with Hatcher and Kukkonen so far in this series, I almost died. Luckily, Biron was there again.



Mike Richards really didn't look himself out there tonight. Maybe he's a little fatigued, rightfully so since he's played at 110 percent all playoffs so far. He just didn't have that edge tonight, whether it was being light on his clearing attempts, or not grinding it out as much.

Scottie Upshall, on the other hand, was all heart again tonight. Even though he's not scoring as much, to me he has been a very important part of this playoff run so far.

Jeff Carter had some good shifts tonight. It's great that he's got such a great shot, but I have this feeling that it's gonna hurt us soon against Montreal. Every time he steps into one off the wing, he fires it 100 mph past the net, off the boards, and out of the zone. I'm just waiting for Montreal to pick up on this and turn around and go on a three on two rush, with Carter and Upshall/Umberger trapped in the offencive zone.

Tonight's Hot & Cold Players:

Hot—Biron, Briere, Umberger

Cold—Hatcher, Lupul, Kukkonen 


Looking Ahead

Game three on Monday night should be a dandy. One thing I think we will possibly see: Riley Cote in the lineup, especially after the Timmonen/Kostopolus incident.

Look for Philly to be back to better coverage on the Kovalev/Koivu line, but at the same time, look for Carboneau to split Kovalev and Koivu up to get some ice against Hatcher.

Last but not least, look for some revenge on the Montreal players in the penalty box. Do I smell beer on your jersey? I do, I do smell beer.