Green Bay Packers: The Aaron Rodgers Era Starts...Maybe (Part Two)

Adam LindemerSenior Analyst IApril 26, 2008

Just when Aaron Rodgers was ready to take the reigns of the Green Bay Packers, GM Ted Thompson throws us a curve. With their second pick in round 2 of the 2008 NFL Draft, the Packers selected quarterback Brian Brohm from Louisville at #56.

What does this mean for the NFL's A-Rod? Maybe absolutely nothing.

Or perhaps it's a ploy by Thompson to light a fire under the 'future of the franchise', giving Rodgers some stiff competition in camp. Maybe if Rodgers sees that he may actually need to win the starting job instead of it simply being handed to him, it will make him that much better.

Rodgers cannot lose confidence in himself though, after seeing the organization draft another young QB. All he has to do is go out and compete against Brohm. And if by some slim chance Brohm beats Rodgers outright, then maybe Rodgers really isn't the man in Green Bay's post-Favre era.  Either way, July/August can' come soon enough for Packer fans.

I mean, Brohm isn't a bad all. He did throw 71 TD's at Lousville (Looavull), second in the school's history. I knew the Pack needed a QB, but thought they would get a player with more experience to help in Rodgers' transition.

The Packers did address others needs on Day 1 too, trading their first round pick to the Jets (who drafted TE Dustin Keller from Purdue), for another pick in the second round.

With the 36th pick, Green Bay selected WR Jordy Nelson from Kansas State. Nelson had a school record 122 catches in 2007, saving his best performances for the big games. Plus, he plays special teams well, a weakness for the Packers.

With their third and final pick in round 2 at #60, Green Bay took CB Patrick Lee from Auburn, to bolster their secondary when they switch to nickel and dime defenses. Lee can also learn from two very good veteran corners in Charles Woodson and Al Harris.

As a die-hard Packer fan, I'm happy with these picks; sure they could've been better. Green Bay took Nelson with DeSean Jackson, Limus Sweed, Malcolm Kelly and James Hardy still on the board. I also would've liked to see them take Texas RB Jamal Charles to be a solid backup to Ryan Grant. But knowing Ted Thompson, the picks could've been a lot worse too (see Tennessee's Justin Harrell in 2007).

I'm sure Green Bay will get some steals on Day 2, they always do; Mark Tauscher was a sixth rounder and Donald Driver was picked in the seventh round (to name a couple).

So now the Pack go into 2008 with two rookie QB's (experience-wise). Sure, Rodgers played well in the GB/Dallas game last year, but he also injuried an ankle in practice; a time when QB's wear red jerseys to prevent anyone from coming close to them and causing injury. It all depends on which Aaron Rodgers shows up for mini-camps this summer to determine how far the Green Bay Packers go.