Power Rankings Week 10

Jesse Reynoso@JesRey7Contributor IJune 15, 2009

LOS ANGELES, CA - JUNE 09:  Chad Billingsley #58 of the Los Angeles Dodgers throws a pitch against the San Diego Padres at Dodger Stadium on June 9, 2009 in Los Angeles, California.  (Photo by Jeff Gross/Getty Images)

1.      Los Angeles Dodgers (42-22)

Continue to have the best record in baseball. Jonathan Broxton still one of the most dominant closers in the league. They are the only team in baseball to still not lose 3 games in a row. 

2.      Boston Redsox (38-25)

Hottest team in the Majors right now. Just swept the New York Yankees for the 3rd time this year. Beat the Phillies 2 out of 3 and nothing seems to stop them right now. Jason Bay continues to hit and Ortiz hits 2 homeruns in one series?

3.      Philadelphia Phillies (36-25)

Won a series against the NL East rival Mets. Not even the best team in baseball could take a series from them. They lost to the Redsox but so did the Yankees and that’s why the Phillies get the spot above them.

4.      New York Yankees (36-27)

When your 0-8 against one team and your still 9 games over .500 you must be doing something great. The Yankees are simply hitting thanks to their new stadium. Every single hitter might beat their career best in homeruns this season. Luis Castillo is the fan favorite in the Yankee clubhouse.

5.      Texas Rangers (35-27)

Still sitting pretty in the AL West. Josh Hamilton is now going to the DL, but they still have Andruw Jones who will be able to pick up some slack, you might miss the amazing plays in centerfield but Jones has proven he can hit again. They need to pick it up because the Angels are getting healthy.

6.      Detroit Tigers (34-29)

When you have Verlander, Jackson, and Porcello going 20-9 you deserve a spot in the top 10. Too bad the Tigers can’t find a decent 4 or 5 starter. Galarraga and Willis just aren’t what they are looking for. Hopefully this won’t be a problem for them in the future.

7.      San Francisco Giants (34-28)

Their pitching rotation has to be up there in the top 3 in the entire league. Too bad their lineup is one of the worst in the league. If they had a better lineup then they would be in the top 3 very easily. They are slowly gaining ground on the Dodgers.

8.      St. Louis Cardinals (34-30)

Albert Pujols has found his swing again. He’s starting to heat up and he is carrying his team on his back. Carpenter is pitching great once again and it’s good to see him back to his cy young form.

9.      Milwaukee Brewers (34-29).

Swept by the Rockies and have lost 5 of 6 games, they need to start getting on base and scoring some runs. Their pitches can’t always get quality starts, a little run support wouldn’t hurt once and a while.

10.  New York Mets (32-29)

Luis Castillo cost the Mets the game on Friday and he’s the reason the Mets are in this spot. They continue to hit and even without a solid lineup. Carlos Beltran and David Wright are on fire. Johan didn’t show up in Yankee Stadium, and the Mets offense was gone as well.

11.  Toronto Bluejays (34-31)

Roy Halladay has to push back his start and only went into the 4th inning his last start. Not looking good for the Bluejays. At least they continue to score runs. Ricky Romero is off to a great start and will have to pick up the slack if Halladay can’t comeback to full strength.

12.  Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim (32-29)

Torii Hunter is crushing the ball. He hit 3 homeruns in one game this week. Vladimir Guerrero is back; their rotation is coming back to full strength. Lackey, Weaver, Saunders, Escobar, Santana. This could be a scary team once September rolls around.

13.  Tampa Bay Rays (34-31)

The top 3 teams in the AL East better watch out for the Rays, they are getting hot. Carlos Pena and Evan Longoria have picked up their offense. It’s up to the pitchers if they can come out strong, watch the Rays in the playoff race this year. It’s nice to sweep the worst team in baseball.

14.  Cincinnati Reds (31-31)

Volquez is back on the DL when it was clear he wasn’t ready to start. Cuerto has been amazing with a 6-3 record and an ERA of 2.33; Jay Bruce has began to hit again, and Harang is pitching decent and this Reds should be in the race until the end of June. They don’t have the pitching to compete with the Cubs, Cardinals and Brewers.

15.  Minnesota Twins (32-33)

Joe Mauer and Justin Morneau are just not missing anything that comes their way. If someone asked to name 2 pitchers in the Twins rotation they would say Liriano and…..

Kevin Slowey is 9-2 but with an ERA of 4.23, at least the Twins produce a lot of runs.

16.  Atlanta Braves (30-32)

Nate Mclouth definitely brings some more power to the Braves lineup and hopefully he can help this team scores some runs for their pitching. Derek Lowe has been great with a record of 7-3.

17.  Chicago Cubs (30-30)

Rich Harden is back, and that is what the Cubs needed. The only missing piece is Aramis Ramirez. They have all the talent to be an elite team but they haven’t figured out how to use it.

18.  Florida Marlins (32-33)

Cody Ross has hit 3 grand slams this year. He’s been a hot hitter this week but can he keep it up the rest of the year. Josh Johnson is great with a record of 5-1 but someone in that rotation needs to step up.

19.  Colorado Rockies (31-32)

The Rockies have been on fire since firing Clint Hurdle. They are on a 11-game winning streak; the only thing bad is they are still 10.5 games back and in 3rd place. Ian Stewart has really stepped him up game.

20.  Seattle Mariners (30-33)

On paper the Mariners look like a great team. They should be scoring 4-6 runs a night, but they just don’t have the pitching to compete. Ichiro can’t do it all by himself. Why not let him pitch and see how he does.

21.  Pittsburgh Pirates (30-33)

The pirates saved money with the Mclouth trade and they are using it on the draft. Well they are looking into the future and they have a great young team. They are only a couple of years away from competing, they just need some pitching.

22.  Houston Astros (29-32)

Tejada and Berkman both reached milestones this week. The Astros might be in last place but they are only 5 games back. They just need to get on a run and I feel one coming right before the all-star break. Expect Oswalt to pitch lights out in the next couple of starts.

23.  Chicago Whitesox (30-34)

Ozzie Gullien doesn’t even want Gordon Beckham on his team. He’s hitting less than .100 but he brings fans to the ballpark. This is a team that isn’t producing the way they are suppose to.

24.  San Diego Padres (28-34)

Jake Peavy is now done for at least one month. No team will want an injured pitcher now. The Padres have no one to pick up the slack, pitchers will start to pitch around Adrian now and this year’s Padres will just be like last year.

25.  Oakland Athletics (27-35)

The talk around Oakland right now is ‘where will Matt Holliday end up?’ Other than the Holliday talks, the young pitchers for the Athletics aren’t good enough to keep up with Texas and Los Angeles.

26.  Kansas City Royals (28-34)

Getting shut out twice this week, Grienke hasn’t won in his last 2 starts. Looks like the Royals will be in the same spot they are every single year. They won’t be fighting for a playoff spot.

27.  Cleveland Indians (29-36)

The Indians need to give their pitchers run support, they tend to show up one night and the next day they aren’t there. They are very inconsistent. Cliff Lee pitched a gem against the Cardinals.

28.  Arizona Diamondbacks (27-37)

Nothing looks good for this young team. They have a manager who is only 36 years old and they are still waiting for their young players to produce like they did last year. The good news is that Brandon Wood should be back very soon.

29.  Baltimore Orioles (27-36)

Wieters hasn’t really made an impact that most people expected. He’s only hitting .233 and not much production. Other than him there is nothing to really say about these O’s.

30.  Washington Nationals (16-45)
The Nationals have only won 2 of their last 10 games, but on the brightside the MLB Draft was this past Tuesday. They had the number 1 pick and selected Stephan Strausburg. Will they be able to sign him?


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