Back to the Future: When Can Kaz Be Kaz?

Hayley-L GrahamSenior Analyst IJune 15, 2009

TNA is suffering at the moment in more ways than one.

They are trying to push washed-up wrestlers as main event stars, they aren't capitalising fully on an excellent tag team and women's division and they are trying to compete with the big dogs before they are ready.

However, one of the biggest blows to the company came from the inside.

They single-handedly destroyed the best wrestling division in the world: The X division.

The releases of Petey Williams and Sonjay Dutt were just the tip of the iceberg. TNA has been overlooking their greatest asset for the past few months, too intent on focusing on the crowded and somewhat uninteresting Heavyweight title picture.

What has happened to them?

In the beginning, the X division was pushed as the "no limits", fast paced, jaw dropping, adrenaline-fueled heart of the company.

X division wrestlers were almost always in the main event, bringing the house down with some of the best matches you could ever see.

High flying expertise, perfect ring psychology and intricate matches are what helped to define the X division as one of the most popular attractions in any wrestling organisation.

At some point, almost every TNA original has tried to ink their name in the X division archives, whether it was AJ Styles, Christopher Daniels or Chris Sabin. At one point, even Samoa Joe held the title!

This showed people how prestigious the championship was in the eyes of the TNA superstars.

For me however, there was only one ultimate X division competitor that kept me hooked, that kept me craving more and more of TNA.


In my eyes, Kaz was one of the most versatile wrestlers in the X division. Don't get me wrong, AJ Styles is probably the best thing to come from the X division, but Kaz was the one who caught my attention.

He could play the ultimate underdog. He could play the protector. He could even play the Gothic zombie. Yet, he made every single character look good.

In ring, he was one of the most exciting performers I have ever seen. Win, lose or draw, he would always put on a memorable show that would stay etched in my mind forever. He stood toe to toe with some of TNA's greats and showed that he belonged.

His ladder match with Christian Cage was one of the best matches i have ever watched in TNA.

His skill, passion and will to win made him the ultimate underdog in this match, especially considering he was against one of the best ladder match competitors in the world.

He won. Not only that, but he earned the respect of many of his doubters who believed he wasn't ready.

He pushed Kurt Angle to the limit twice in single matches and once in a triple threat for the Heavyweight title. Just even being able to survive in the ring against someone like Angle was proof that he was to be taken seriously.

He may have lost all three times, but he still came out a winner.

At one point, he was in Raven's group, Serotonin. A group of social misfits who got caned at the end of every match, regardless of the result, he showed that he could play a tweener. He showed that he could work with anyone of any style.

In short, Kaz was the human highlight reel. His death defying leaps, his combination of power and speed, as well as his willingness to ensure a good match has made him one of my favourite wrestlers in the world.

Then what happened?

He disappeared. Supposedly "falling out of love with wrestling", he announced his retirement on Karen's Angle to the dismay of many of his fans. After that, he simply faded away from the ring.

Until the TNA video game.

TNA creative thought that bringing a fictional character to life in the wrestling world was a good idea. With that thought, Kaz became Suicide.

The first promo's almost described the way that Kaz felt towards the end of his "retirement", overlooked and overshadowed by others.

Since his debut, Kaz has been on and off feuding with the Motor City Machine Guns and Lethal Consequences, trying to keep the X division title that Christopher Daniels won under the Suicide alias.

In my opinion, this is such a waste of Kaz's talents and potential. Instead of being able to wrestle his style, garner his wins, and claim his titles, he has had to stay hidden under the mask of a video game character.


Right now, we are heading into Slammiversary and an X division king of the mountain match. A match ironically, that Kaz has won before on Impact.

His opponents, Sabin, Shelley, Creed and Lethal have all set it in their sights that he needs to be unmasked.

I agree with them.

There is only so much longer the X division can remain in these pointless feuds without getting repetitive, stale and lackluster.

Bring in Kaz.

As himself, he would be able to revitalise the withering division with new feuds, great matches and the energy that it so sorely needs.

When he gets unmasked at Slammiversary, there will be the potential for thousands of new rivalries, new combinations of matches and the chance for him to once again become the fan favourite.

Whatever people say about him, they can't deny that he has rightly etched his name in the TNA annuls with some of the best matches in TNA history. Having him portray a video game character seems to be a huge step down for him.

With the condition of the X division now, they need all the help they can get. That help comes in the form of a 6ft 1, 215 pound daredevil known as Frankie Kazarian.

The X division needs Kaz, as does TNA. The wave of the future has his name written all over it, all they got to do now is pull the trigger.


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