WFAN Shows Knicks Fans True Passion: Insanity

John GallagherContributor IJune 14, 2009

Go ahead and talk to a Knicks fan about the Summer of 2010.

About five seconds in, you'll wish that you could be anywhere else in the world.

"Oh yeah, we'll get LeBron, easily. Why wouldn't he come here? He'll be the biggest star on the planet, get more shoe money, and become the most famous athlete ever!"

That isn't a made up remark.

That was a fan call to WFAN (660 AM) in New York on a late night talk show after the Cavs were eliminated by the Magic.

Now you may say to yourself, "Alright, it was late night, maybe he was drunk."

You're probably right, but the calls continue:

"First LeBron, then we get him a shooter like Joe Johnson..."
"After we sign him, we should go after Nash!"
"How many titles are we gonna win with both LeBron AND Wade?!"

Now for those that don't know me, I'm from New York. Born in Buffalo, raised in the Bronx and Long Island, but now I'm living in Kentucky for school.

Much like any other transplanted New Yorker, I have my quirks and perks with New York that I can't go without: I hate all pizza down here (all of it tastes like Dominos to me), I complain about the drivers down here, but then quickly shut up when I remember the LIE at 4 pm Eastbound, and I need my NY sports no matter what.

The way I am able to function all the way down here is from this wonderful new invention called, "the Internet."

It's new, but it's good; I see it catching on. Now, on this "Internet" there's this "livestream" of WFAN for me to catch my Joe Benigno, Ed Randall (who also has a show on SiriusXM), and my personal hero Steve Somers.

The late night show hosts have switched lately, usually Somers and his familiar voice are on "schmoozing" with his faithful. 

Now, however, between the calls about the Yanks long balls and the Mets downfall, the LeBron love has reached a saturation point.

It is nearly impossible to listen to a broadcast now that isn't centered around LeBron. If it doesn't start out about LeBron, the broadcast turns to LeBron, and sometimes also ends with LeBron.

New Yorkers seem to think that it's a done deal that he'll don the blue, orange, and black. We're already planning which sidekicks he'll have for our title runs, for goodness sakes! 

Apparently, the Cavs have folded, LeBron signed a HUGE contract with the Knicks and Nike at the same time, and I have just awakened from a year-long coma.

I believe the game the Knicks are playing for the 2010 FA class is a dangerous one.

If LeBron doesn't leave Cleveland (where there's still a good chance he stays), Wade has already said he doesn't want to play here, along with Bosh and Amare.

So, that means we've gotten rid of all our young talent (except for Chandler and Gallinari) for...a then 36-year-old Nash and Joe Johnson?

So, this really is "Phoenix East" then, huh?