The Worst Blowouts in the History of Sports

Caleb M.@MouthoftheQuackAnalyst IJune 15, 2009

There have been some bad blowouts. I mean, terrible. Blowouts making the 20-point loss your favorite team suffered last week look like a picnic. 

Before looking at the worst blowout in sports history (pictured above), I'll evaluate four other blowouts, totaling up to the top five biggest blowouts in sports history.

And here they are, in all their glory—er, embarrassment.

No. 5—Austrailia 142, Namibia 0

Rugby isn't a really popular sport in America. However, in other parts of the world it's quite popular. Including Australia.

In 2003, at the Rugby World Cup, there were some mighty blowouts. But this was the icing on the cake and is the fifth-biggest blowout in sports history.

No. 4—Slovakia 82, Bulgaria 0

Bulgaria won't be in the 2010 Olympics after losing their qualifiers to Slovakia (82—0), Croatia (30—1), Latvia (39—0), and Italy (41—0). They allowed an average of one goal every 44 seconds against Slovakia.

No. 3—Chicago 73, Washington 0

Go back to 1940. The NFL was only eight years old when the Bears embarrassed the Redskins. What's even worse was this was the championship game.

George Halas, coach of the Bears, had motivated his players by showing them newspapers of the Redskins coach calling them " quitters and crybabies."

This game still holds the record for the biggest blowout in NFL history.

No. 2—South Korea 92, Thailand 0

This game stands as the worst blowout in Hockey history and the second biggest blowout of all time.

In 1998, South Korea all but literally killed Thailand, led by forward Donghwan Song with his 31 goals, making up about a third of South Korea's total points.

No. 1—Georgia Tech 222, Cumberland University 0

Cumberland was a small, prestigious school in Northern Tennessee. Georgia Tech wasn't the best school out there, but Cumberland was worse. Much worse. So bad, they top our list of the worst blowouts of all time losing by 222 points to Georgia Tech during the 1916 season.

That's right folks. 222 points in one game. A football game no less. As seen in the scoreboard above, G. Tech just crushed, shredded, whipped and creamed Cumberland in this College Football game.

To avoid the $3,000 fine of forfeiting, Cumberland sent 14 nobodys who didn't know how to play football down to Atlanta to face the worst defeat in sports history.

What's worse, was the coach of Georgia Tech. John Heisman (yes, the guy the trophy was named after) came out to avenge a 22—0 loss Georgia Tech suffered to Cumberland in a baseball game earlier in the year.

This game is deffinitely the worst blowout in the history of sports.