Analyzing WWE's Feuds, Week Five: Anything Is Possible!

'Rowdy' Ross RutherfordSenior Analyst IJune 14, 2009

Welcome to Week Five of "Analyzing WWE's Feuds." As always, I will be analyzing the current feuds of the WWE and whether I think the WWE should "End it" or "Pursue it," based on what I see in the rivalry.

This could include the reasoning behind the rivalry, the quality of matches, or the direction of the characters. I hope you enjoy the second installment.



Randy Orton and Triple H?

With Batista injured, I think this was the WWE's way of getting a big star back on television as soon as possible. Triple H was kayfabe injured by Orton at Backlash and now he is back for retribution.

This feud has been done before and I'm really not looking forward to seeing the two feud for the millionth time.

I don't care if this is a fresh storyline or not, HHH and Orton have been spending way too much time feuding with one another over the past couple of years.

The RAW writing team needs to get their heads out of their asses and come up with something new.

Ruling: "End It"


Legacy and (c)The Colons

I don't know if you would call this a full-blown feud yet, but I would really like to see a well-developed tag team rivalry out of these two teams. The last time I remember a legit tag team feud was between the Hardy Boys and MNM back in 2007.

Having Legacy win the titles would be good for Rhodes and DiBiase. It would be a good push for them. Lately, all they have been is Batista and Triple H's tackling dummies.

Ruling: "Pursue It"


John Cena and The Big Show and The Miz

At this point a Cena/Orton feud sounds really good. However, I dislike Cena working with The Big Show. I want more than just the "Cena is the underdog" bullshit the WWE is trying to feed me.

The Miz, however, is doing great for himself right now. I love how he keeps calling out John Cena and has yet to actually wrestle Cena. I do look forward to the day the two actually wrestle one-on-one and then Miz gets the victory by count out or something. I like it so far.

Ruling: "End It" (Cena/Show)- "Pursue It" (Cena/Miz)



(c) Tommy Dreamer, Christian, and Jack Swagger

I never thought the WWE would put the ECW Championship on Tommy Dreamer, but I'm glad they did.

ECW continues to showcase great new talent, but still manages to keep its main-event stars in fresh scenarios.

I think the Christian double-cross at the beginning of the show was done brilliantly.

Swagger's involvement is still interesting, as he was pinned at Extreme Rules; however, the big story here is if the WWE will actually let Dreamer hold on to the title for longer than a week.

Will they make him drop the belt at "3 For All"? I'm interested, which is good.

Ruling: "Pursue It"


Evan Bourne and Mark Henry

They had Evan Bourne wrestle Tony Atlas this week on ECW, which tells me they are running out of ideas for this feud, fast. The match wasn't bad and having Henry attack Bourne after the match was okay, but it felt formulaic.

They should have had Henry pin Bourne last week and have a handicap match this week. This one does not seem to be going anywhere anymore. Have Bourne feud with the Hart Dynasty.

Ruling: "End It"



(c) CM Punk, Jeff Hardy, and Edge

This feud is interesting. It hasn't seen enough development for me to say truly whether it should continue or end, but I think Jeff Hardy and Edge should stay away from one another now that their one-on-one feud has ran its course.

Having Punk feud with just one of them is fine. Actually, it's great. I hope they do go in that direction.

Edge or Hardy should begin a feud with one of the mid-card talents or maybe Jericho, after his program with Mysterio ends.

Ruling: "Pursue It" (as a one-on-one feud)


(c) Chris Jericho and Rey Mysterio

Y2J has been on a yearlong hot streak and it still keeps getting better. For a while there, I was sort of bored with this feud, but after it picked up speed it really got me interested.

After another great PPV match, it appears that this feud is still commencing as Jericho took off Mysterio's mask during their match allowing Jericho the leverage he needed to win the title.

I hope they have a good follow up after that.

Ruling: "Pursue It"


Shelton Benjamin and John Morrison

It seems that this feud has hit a "wall." This week they had a tag team match where Morrison got the victory over Charlie "I can't believe he still has a job" Haas.

This rivalry features two of the most gifted, athletic wrestlers on Smackdown and I was hoping for a little more than a tag team match. The match was good, actually it was great, but it did nothing to further the Benjamin/Morrison storyline. As much as I love their work, I have to be mean.

Ruling: "End It"


The Great Khali and Dolph Ziggler

Wow! Over the past three years Khali has gone from "Unbeatable Monster" to "Main Event Jobber" and now he is nothing more than a joke. I suppose it's not all his fault. His knees just can't handle it.

I do like the fact that the WWE is using him to push a young guy like Dolph Ziggler. If Khali only has a few more years of wrestling in his future, he should be used to enhance the the future of the WWE.

There is not much to this feud, however, and neither is Khali's ring work. I say end it and let Ziggler work with R-Truth or John Morrison.

Ruling: "End It"