Live From Windsor: The Play-By-Play for Raceday at the Red Bull Air Race

Sheiban ShakeriSenior Analyst IJune 14, 2009

Hello and welcome for the third round of the Red Bull Air Race World Series from Windsor. The race will be taking place on the Canada-US border over the Detroit River with about half of the race taking place in American airspace.

The biggest surprise coming was Kirby Chambliss and his return to form and setting the fastest time of not just all week, but of the past two years running now.

Hot on his heels is Paul Bonhomme, who will be looking for redemption. Nicolas Ivanoff and Hannes Arch round out the top four.

The one that the Windsor crowd came to see was Canadian Pete McLeod.

McLeod impressed everyone in his home race and was able to break into the top 10 on Saturday, much to the delight of the crowd.

Michael Goulian also got out of a funk and finally made it into the top 10 with an eighth place qualifying pace.

If he can continue flying the way he did, he will be able to take points.

Not participating are Yoshi Muroya and Peter Besenyei. Muroya is not racing today because of a pylon hit during the third training session compromised the safety of his Edge 540.

Besenyei on the other hand had a close call after an emergency landing in a wheat field outside of St. Thomas Airport. The MXS flipped over, but Besenyei was uninjured.

The aircraft is not a writeoff, but it is not able to race in Windsor. He will return for Budapest in two month's time.

Over here at Bleacher Report, there will be a live play-by-play of the day's events. All times will be displayed in the local time (-4 GMT) so come here and enjoy the race!

1555: That's it for Windsor folks! Budapest is up in two months time so the pilots will take some time to train and prepare themselves for the first stop in the European tour.


1550: That's the race folks! Paul Bonhomme has finally won since his victory in Perth during the final race of 2008. Arch is second and Chambliss is third. However, Chambliss has one point extra for winning the qualifying yesterday. The rest of the pilots are as follows: Mangold, Rakhmanin, Goulian, Hall, Lamb, Ivanoff, Maclean, McLeod, Dell, and Dolderer. Pete McLeod has taken his first point and his highest ranking so far. As of now, every pilot has at least one point in their pocket.


1540: Kirby's in and he makes a mistake! He flies too high but registers a time of 1:10.19. Ouch!


1537: Paul Bonhomme sets the day's fastest time! He registers a 1:08.16. This is going to be tough for Kirby Chambliss to beat. Can the American make it two wins in a row or will Bonhomme get out of the second-place funk at the Cross-Border Classic?


1534: Hannes Arch also gets two seconds but is very fast! He could've set the course record if he didn't get a two-second penalty for flying too high! He sets a time of 1:09.31. He's guaranteed a spot on the podium...


1531: Mike Mangold is the first to go and sets a time of 1:12.92 with a two-second penalty for flying too high. He sets the benchmark for the Final Four.


1520: The final four will have Mike Mangold, Hannes Arch, Paul Bonhomme and Kirby Chambliss competing for the win. We'll be seeing what happens in about 10 minutes...


1515: Kirby is in but is a little slower than usual. Chambliss sets a time of 1:11.33 with no penalties. Anyhow, that's enough for him to continue into the final four.


1512: Two gates had to be replaced so it took some time. Bonhomme has just finished his run and unlike the other pilots before him, he is clean and puts a time of 1:08.61.


1503: Matt Hall gets his run started off with a bang - literally! He hits the start/finish gate and just looks like he's not in control. He hits ANOTHER gate in the quadro and pulls out with an SCO.


1500: Hannes Arch enters, sets a time of 1:11.13 but gets two seconds for incorrect knife flying. A shame for the Austrian...


1456: Nigel Lamb enters the box but seems to have had a bad judgment and misses the quadro. He is subsequently DSQ. This guy can't seem to catch a break on the border...


1452: Mike Mangold comes in and gets a whopping six-seconds for touching a gate! It was such a small margin that he took and lost out...


1448: News from the airport comes in that Chambliss is cleared to fly in the Super Eight round after a possible infraction.


1446: Michael Goulian is up next and makes an SCO! He hits a pylon in the quadro with pieces of it attached to his tail. At least he ends his points drought...


1441: Sergey Rakhmanin just finished his run and boy did he make a mess! Two two-second penalties for flying too high and hitting the start/finish Breitling gate will definitely not get the Russian into the Final Four...


1431: Kirby Chambliss is up and wants to capitalize on his amazing time from yesterday. He comes up short and makes it a 1:10.11 with no penalties. This concludes the Top 12. The Super Eights will begin in about 10 minutes...


1428: Paul Bonhomme comes in and is hungry to beat Arch at his own game. He comes 0.09 of a second short and registers a 1:09.47.


1425: Nicolas Ivanoff is up but oh no! He makes two mistakes and registers a 1:14.45 for flying too high. He went through the quadro but pulled up appearing to SCO but didn't and continued, thus losing time here.


1423: Matt Hall is in but he's a little slow and makes it a 1:12.35 with no penalties.


1420: Hannes Arch is up and sets the fastest time of the day! a 1:09.38 with no penalties. The Austrian's a shoe-in to make the final four...


1418: Nigel Lamb is the next man up but makes an IKF. He would've been fastest but with two seconds added, he registers a 1:12.09


1415: Mike Mangold is up. He makes a clean flight with no penalties and is very disciplined. He posts a slightly slower time of 1:11.25


1413: Bostonian Michael Goulian takes to the track and puts in a disciplined run. He sets a reasonably fast time of 1:11.06 with no penalties. "Yeah baby" goes Goulian over the radio!


1411: Alejandro Maclean is up next. He is all over the place as he sets a time of 1:15.59 with four seconds worth of penalty points. He's first at the moment, but that can change any minute...


1409: Pete McLeod is coming in and the crowd is going nuts! The cheers are deafening on both sides of the border and sets a 1:16.48 with a two-second penalty for incorrect knife-edge. A shame, but it's faster than Dell so McLeod is guaranteed at least one point today...


1405: Sergey Rakhmanin has entered the track and put in a disciplined flight with a 1:13.77. He has fallen behind a bit from his time yesterday...


1403: Glen Dell takes the track and makes two errors. He gets four seconds in penalties and sets a 1:18.87! Not good for the South African since it seemed like he had turned a corner in San Diego...


1345: With about 15 minutes to go until the Top 12, the pilots advancing from the Wild Card are Glen Dell and Sergey Rakhmanin. They will join Pete McLeod, Alejandro Maclean, Michael Goulian, Mike Mangold, Nigel Lamb, Hannes Arch, Matt Hall, Nicolas Ivanoff, Paul Bonhomme and Kirby Chambliss.

Can South African Dell make it two races in a row with points? Find out in 15 minutes!


1309: Sergey Rakhmanin has just done his run and it looks like he was putting effort into it considering the fact that he is guaranteed a spot in the Top 12. He puts in a time of 1:12.32 with no penalties. Him and Dell will advance to the Top 12 and a chance for points.

The Top 12 will begin at 1400 so stay tuned!


1306: Matthias Dolderer came into the track, looked to be a little shaky but oh no! The German in the last gate of the chicane on the final lap pointed the nose of his Edge 540 downwards and as a result, got a DQ. Had he not done that, he would've gotten a 1:15.69 with a two-second penalty for flying too high. A shame for the German, he'll be taking an early bath today. This guarantees Dell and Rakhmanin into the Top 12 round.


1303: Glen Dell was the first to go and posted a much better time of 1:14.73 with no penalties. He was rollercoastering a bit but a lot more disciplined flying from the South African.


1250: With about 10 minutes until Glen Dell gets us started, the crowds are getting settled in. With a view of Detroit, the stands have been packed for the last hour and a bit. The pylons are up and the water in the river appears to be a little choppy, but it shouldn't be as bad. The commentators say to not expect the same times as yesterday because with the nice weather, the air will be a little thinner hence the planes will go a little slower...


1215: The opening ceremonies have just ended. The Canadian and American national anthems have been played and there are plenty of sideshows taking place right now. The RB105 has just flown through and the Detroit River is now closed for the Red Bull Air Race...


1155: Just interviewed for a local Windsor sports radio station AM 800 and hopefully a recording will be available.


1113: Welcome to the third round of the Red Bull Air Race. The Wild Card will be starting in less than two hours. Only three pilots for the wild card because of the absence of Besenyei and Muroya.

Going up will be Glen Dell, Matthias Dolderer, and Sergey Rakhmanin. The weather today is beautiful and sunny and warm. No rain, few clouds and a good day overall.


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