Cro Cop Done With The UFC?

Anthony AscueAnalyst IJune 14, 2009

Here's a quote from Dana White: (Yahoo!

“Isn’t that a dirty [expletive] thing to do? He [ expletive] me. The first time in the history of the company I do one over the phone. He promised me a three-fight deal and he [ expletive] me…. He didn’t keep his word. He talked about honor and all this other [expletive] and he [ expletive] me. He fed me this bull [expletive] about wanting to take a run for the title, and what I think he did was, he went out and did this. He turned down every other [expletive] fighter I offered him, because I needed him to fight Cain. He didn’t just poke Al-Turk; he poked me, too.”

After beating Mustapha Al-Turk via TKO, and talking briefly about making another run for the UFC HW title, Mirko Cro Cop is rumored to have left the UFC to sign a three-fight contract with rival MMA organization, DREAM.

With the news of the Croatian's return at UFC 99, Mirko was still only signed to a one fight deal, the deal expiring after his fight with Al-Turk. However, according to Dana, he and Mirko had talks over the phone about signing a contract extension after/if he beats Al-Turk, which he did... so what happened? Where did things go wrong?

Prior to this fiasco, Mirko has said that he feels he owes it to Dana White to make up for his last couple of outings inside the octagon, and that he is in debt to him for giving him another chance with the UFC.

Which is what makes this whole turn of events so disheartening.

Simply (and frustratingly) put, If the rumors are accurate then Mirko Cro Cop broke his word. Not just to Dana, but also to us, the fans of the UFC. After his win he talked about taking another shot at the UFC HW championship, and he really did what he could to hype up and solidify his UFC "come back."

Mirko promised the fans that he was here to stay, and now there is word that he has opted to walk away from the very fans that embraced his almost heroic return.

Maybe Cro Cop felt that he didn't have it in him anymore to compete at the UFC's highest level?

Maybe he was just taken by the amount of money DREAM threw at him?

Maybe none of the rumors are true and Dana overreacted off false information. Who knows, maybe we'll wind up seeing this mess on MTV's next episode of Punk'd, season no one gives a damn cause no one actually watches this show.

Whatever the case is, you can rest assured that if Mirko has signed with DREAM... Duran Duran's "Wild Boys" will never be heard in a UFC arena again.