Ball State Football Fans Unite Against Bleacher Report

Calvin W Boaz@Burrellfan1Correspondent IIJune 13, 2009

Attention all Ball State football fans. This is a call to arms.

Bleacher Report has been notified of its crimes against humanity. The powers that be at B/R have refused to admit the errors of their ways and perform penance.

We need to unite as one voice to stand up against tyranny and oppression. The future of Cardinal fans around the world lies before us.

There are 120 schools that participate in the Football Bowl Subdivision. All but Ball State have a page to call their own.

This is the first year Western Kentucky plays football in the Sun Belt Conference, and they have a page. Students at Utah State don't even realize that the Aggies have a football team, and they have a page.

The last time the Temple Owls were invited to a bowl game was in 1979 at the Garden State Bowl. The bowl game no longer exists, and they have a page. 

Ohio University has not won the Mid-American Conference since 1968, and they have a page. The University of Toledo has a U.S. Army missile rocket aimed at its archrival's football field, and they have a page. If you look at Eastern Michigan's site, it is totally void of articles, but yet they have a page.

Ball State has a storied tradition in college football. Actually, most years we stink. However, the Cardinals won their first 12 games of the season last year and were invited to a bowl game. We deserve and demand our own page.

I have fully analyzed all the possible reasons B/R shows prejudice against the Cardinals.

Bleacher Report dislikes the name of our school

I thought I had quickly solved the mystery of our exile. Out of the 50 states that form this great country of ours, none of them are named "Ball."

However, I only had to look at the schools in Ball State's conference, the MAC, to discover Bowling Green State and Kent State. Bowling Green is also not a state and Kent State is located in Ohio. Therefore, "Kent" is not short for Kentucky.

The people inhabiting the cities of San Diego and San Jose may believe they are states, but, officially speaking, they are not. 

Bleacher Report hates the state of Indiana

This statement may be true, but it is not the cause of our persecution. There are people who live in Indiana that don't like being there. In addition, the University of Indiana, Purdue, and Notre Dame are located in Indiana, and they have their own pages.

Someone at Bleacher Report was attacked by a cardinal as a child

Again, I reasoned I had discovered the truth of it all. Remember, Stanford's nickname comes from the color, not the bird. 

Unfortunately, I realized I had forgotten about the University of Louisville. The fans of the basketball team may call themselves the Louisville Patinos, but officially the school nickname is the Cardinals. In case you were wondering, they have their own page. 

There appears to be no logical reason for the pain that B/R has inflicted upon us. However, we must stay strong and fight until victory is ours so our children may one day read well written football articles under the page heading of "Ball State."