2008 NFL Draft Live Blog: Through the Eyes of a Fan

Russell IvanacSenior Analyst IApril 26, 2008

12:46 pm 

With roughly two hours until the start of the draft your first priority has to be figuring out how you will be enjoying the draft. Needless to say there is quite a few options. Personally i will be watching the NFL network, but if that's not an option for you look no further than the Internet. ProFootballTalk.com has a live blog they will be updating live. NFL.com isn't missing out on draft day coverage either. ESPN also has a hold on what will be happening both online and on television. I'm sure there is plenty of other options that are more than capable of keeping you informed, but these are just a few of the sources i'll be using.

Or you could just stay tuned here...

12:57 pm

With the #1 pick already decided when The Dolphins signed Michigan's beast of an offensive tackle, Jake Long, the heads have turned to the St.Louis Rams who hold the second pick. Plenty of rumors are flying around about Chris Long being taken next. Personally i think it is the right pick. It's a safe pick and he will preform. Chris is a clean guy in many senses of the word. Great attitude, no off the field issues, Hall of Fame pedigree, oh and he can flat out play. Great pick.

1:44 pm

So talks of the top four picks already being decided are being shaken up by The Ravens. Not too long ago, it seemed that Chris Long was a lock for #2 followed by Matt Ryan at #3 then Darren McFadden being taken by the Raiders at #4. Talks of the Ravens trying to move up to the #2 pick have changed that. Now The Falcons have to think about beating them to the chase and moving up to #2. Either way, It looks like the Rams are in a great position right now.  

3:14 pm

Well nothing surprising yet, Jake Long taken first then Chris Long selected by the Rams next. Kinda weird seeing Howie Long posing with his son Chris in a Ram's hat. Turns out the Baltimore trade didn't work out and now they will more than likely watch Matt Ryan head to Atlanta. 

3:30 pm

When are we going to get a surprise? So far the first four picks have gone literally as scripted. The Falcons got a new face for their franchise in quarterback Matt Ryan and Al Davis got his freakish athlete when he drafted Darren McFadden to Oakland. The Chiefs are on the clock now and as we progress further in the draft we may start to see some unpredicted picks. Hopefully. By the way, any feedback on how often i should update or reactions to the picks is more than welcome.

3:50 pm

No riots in New York tonight! The Jets' fans were more than happy with their team's selection with the #6 pick. Vernon Gholston is a good fit for New York and will get to go against college rival Jake Long twice a year now. Glenn Dorsey was taken by the Chiefs at #5. He will help fill one of the many holes on Kansas City's defense by helping their run defense tremendously. I'm not surprised that New England traded their pick to the Saints at all, not sure on what the details of the trade are yet, but the Saints got the #7 pick and took no time in drafting Sedrick Ellis. They wanted a strong defensive tackle and they got one, hopefully they didn't give too much up in the trade to get him.

4:02 pm

Turns out the Patriots traded their 1st (#7) and 5th round picks for the Saint's 1st (#10) and 3rd round picks. Good move all around. Also the Jaguars somehow moved up to #8 and selected Derrick Harvey. By trading with Baltimore they were able to get the pass rusher they needed to stay competitive on defense. With the recent run on defense lineman things are starting to heat up, let's hope things continue this way.

4:22 pm

Only three of the top eleven picks have been offensive players. Look for the second round to be the opposite. The top two linebackers were snatched off the board back-to-back with the Bengals taking Keith Rivers and the Patriots taking Jerod Mayo. Surprising pick from the Patriots as they have never spent as high of a pick on a linebacker and they had a large need at cornerback. speaking of cornerbacks, the Buffalo Bills just picked Leodis McKelvin and made him the first conerback off the board. The details of the Ravens-Jaguars trade were finally released. The Jags got the 8th overall pick for pick #26, both of their 3rd round picks and their fourth round pick. Seems like quite a stretch for Derrick Harvey even if he fills a need. This just in Denver selected Ryan Clady, great pick. I bet the Broncos never thought he would fall all the way to pick #12.

4:50 pm

Well the Chiefs are running away with this draft. They robbed the Lions by moving up two spots to the 15th pick in return for their first (#17),third and fifth round picks. With it they took offensive lineman Branden Albert. He never should have slipped to #15 and the Chiefs made a great move getting him. Jonathan Stewart was a bad reach by Carolina at number 13. Mendenhall is a better back and Stewart is hurt right now. I think Chicago missed a solid chance when they picked Chris Williams over Branden Albert. Both lineman were expected to go high, but Albert is the better prospect. By the way, the Lions trade meant one thing for Detroit, the are picking Rashard Mendenhall. 

5:06 pm

The Lions did it again. When they traded down they passed on the chance to pick both Branden Albert and Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie (Who the Cardinals took with pick #16). That left them with Mendenhall as the obvious choice, so what did they do? Selected offensive tackle Gosder Cherilus. Let me speak for Lion's fans everywhere when i say "what?". Why not take the better guy in Albert? Who knows. Baltimore reached a bit for quarterback Joe Flacco, but they did get the quarterback they wanted. His big arm could help the Ravens next year, if he had someone to throw to.

5:25 pm

So i realize now that i forgot to mention how Baltimore got the 18th pick. They received it from the Texans in exchange for the Ravens first round pick (26th, originally the Jaguars pick), a third round pick and a sixth round pick. Shortly after another trade happened. The Panthers practically sold the farm to get the 19th pick, which they took offensive lineman Jeff Otah with. I'm not impressed with Otah and the fact that Carolina gave up their second and fourth round picks this year along with their first round pick next year to get him makes me less impressed with Carolina's front office. Carolina has reached on two straight first round picks. Tampa Bay selected cornerback Aqib Talib with the next pick, which is a good pick regardless if some people are calling it a stretch. I don't think it is a stretch and he is an under-rated athlete who will perform in Tampa.

5:45 pm

Yet another trade went down. Atlanta moved back into the first round at the 21st pick by giving up two second round picks and a fourth round pick. Atlanta also got a third round and fifth round pick in the deal. With the pick they selected offensive lineman Sam Baker. Offensive lineman are flying off of the board. Next Dallas made a smart pick by replacing running back Julius Jones with McFadden's back-up, Felix Jones. He will be a good change of pace to Marion Barber and is a good need pick, especially considering Dallas picks again at number 28. Mendenhall was finally drafted. The poor guy is basically this year's Brady Quinn, but ended up on a great team. The Pittsburgh Steelers took him with the 23rd pick and he gets to learn from Fast Willy Parker, while filling a role made for him, the third-down back.   

6:11 pm

Can you say reach? The Titans took the speedster Chris Johnson with the 23rd pick. He should not have gone before the second round started. Dallas moved up a few spots by trading with Seattle to select conrnerback Mike Jenkins. Dallas fans were screaming for Jenkins and he should fit fine. After their trade with the Ravens, The Texans selected Duane Brown (offensive tackle) at number 26. At 27 the Chargers recovered from their loss of Drayton Florence in the off-season by drafting Antione Cason. On a side note the Dolphins traded back-up running back Lorenzo Booker to the Eagles for a fourth round pick.

6:30 pm

Seattle drafted defensive end Lawrence Jackson at 28 and San Francisco picked nose tackle Kentwan Balmer. Both picks make sense and are need picks that will come in and play starting next season. The Packers traded their pick to the Jets for a pair of picks including a second rounder. With the pick the Jets selected Tight End Dustin Keller. The Jet's fans were not happy with this pick, but come the regular season I think they will be singing a different song. He is the best tight end coming out of the draft and is an offensive weapon for Pennington to focus on next year. The only downside is that his willingness to block is a bit suspect. Next up: The Patriots...oh right...make that the Giants.

6:35 pm

3 hours 33 minutes, but it is finally over. The first round officially finished up when the Giants selected safety Kenny Phillips. This was a solid pick and he will step in next season to replace Wilson. No receivers taken, wow? Let's get the second round started. Don't expect as many updates now that the second round has started, things should move faster now at least.

6:54 pm

Five picks in to the second round, three receivers have been taken. Miami started the round by taking Phillip Merling before his stock dropped any further. The next two pick were wide receivers. Donnie Avery went to St.Louis and Washington selected Devin Thomas with the pick they received from Atlanta. Next the Chiefs made their day even better by drafting the very physical corner Brandon Flowers. The Packers then selected a wide receiver with their first pick in the draft. They selected Jordy Nelson with the 5th pick. I think it is a stretch at this point, but his raw potential and ability on special teams probably coaxed the Packers into taking him before anyone else could.

7:20 pm

I think i'll just update every five picks or so from now on. Atlanta continued to rebuild with a defensive pick this time by drafting inside linebacker Curtis Lofton. Seattle traded it's second round pick and third round pick for Baltimore's second round pick, which quickly turned into tight end John Carlson. The 49ers started investing in protecting their quarterback by taking offensive guard Chilo Rachal. The Saints then addressed their need at corner by selecting Tracy Porter. This pick could very well end up being a bust as some scouts doubt his ability to step up to the next level. The Bills faked some of us out in the first round by not selecting a receiver to start opposite of Lee Evans. In the second round (10th pick) they took James Hardy to try and fill that void.

7:44 pm

With the 11th pick in the second round, the Broncos continued the sudden rush of receivers being taken by selecting Eddie Royal. Next the Vikings tried to fill a hole on defense created by cutting safety Dwight Smith by selecting Tyrell Johnson after swapping second round picks with the Eagles and their fourth rounder for the Eagle's fifth round pick. The Bears jumped on the best available running back to try and rescue their non-existent running game by selecting Matt Forte. The Lions addressed a huge need by selecting a linebacker in Jordon Dizon, who can play both outside and inside linbacker, however Dan Conner would have been the smarter pick. The Bengals finally took a step in recovering their receiving corps by selecting Jerome Simpson. For Carson Palmer's sake i hope he doesn't become a diva like his new teammate.

8:04 pm

Out of the last five picks two teams had two of them. The Eagles had the 16th and 18th picks in the second round and the Redskins had #17 and #20. Both teams used one of those picks on a wide receiver. DeSean Jackson went to the Eagles (#18) and Malcom Kelly went to the Redskins (#20). Washington picked tight end Fred Davis at #17 which is great value for one of the best tight ends to come out of USC. The Eagles went to defense by picking Trevor Laws at #16. Arizona was the other team in this five and they selected defensive end Calais Campbell.

8:30 pm

Almost done today. A total of eleven trades have gone down so far and don't be surprised for even more tomorrow.The latest trade gave the Jaguars the 21st pick in the second round by swapping with the Buccaneers. They then pursued another pass rusher in the second round , selecting defensive end Quentin Groves. Pittsburgh made their quarterback a very happy man when they drafted wide receiver Limas Sweed, who will immediately contribute to the air attack. The Titans then made another question mark of a pick, selecting defensive end Jason Jones. The Ravens finally settled down long enough to keep their pick and find a compliment runner to Willis McGahee in Ray Rice. Did this next pick shake Aaron Rogers confidence? I doubt it, but it may have shown the confidence that Green Bay's front office have in him. They selected Brian Brohm who has truly fallen from his top of the first round projection from last year. At the 57th overall pick, the Dolphins selected their 3rd pick of day one by reuniting Jake Long with his college quarterback, Chad Henne. Any other Wolverines headed to Miami?

8:50 pm

Dan Conner still has not been taken. This next pick is irony at it's finest. Directly after Michigan quarterback Chad Henne is taken, Appalachian state's star receiver Dexter Jackson is taken by the Buccaneers. The Colts then went after depth in their offensive line by selecting center Mike Pollak. The Packers then went defense and got cornerback Patrick Lee. Dallas went after a tight end with the 61st overall pick, selecting Martellus Bennet. Another offensive weapon for Romo to throw at, if only they could get the guy to block.

8:57 pm

The last two picks are in and both teams finished day one with a cornerback. The Giants took Terrence Wheatley and the Patriots took Terrell Thomas. Thomas was the seventh player taken from USC in just the first two rounds.

Well day one is done. It took 5 hours and 53 minutes, almost as long as last year's first round alone. We have the faster format to thank for that. If you stayed with me through the whole thing or just stopped by once or twice, thank you for reading and I hope you enjoyed the journey.


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