WGC-Cadillac Championship: Ian Poulter Blasts 'Idiot' Hideki Matsuyama

Jake SilverSocial Media StaffMarch 8, 2014

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Things should be interesting Saturday for Ian Poulter and Hideki Matsuyama as the two pair up in the WGC-Cadillac Championship.

Poulter blasted Matsuyama Friday evening for what he considered to be a major faux pas. Matsuyama allegedly created a divot, or "crater."

As you can see from Poulter's tweets below, he held little back.

playing with Matsuyama tomo. He buried his putter in the 13th green 5 ft from the hole, Referee had to repair the crater. Because he didn't.

— Ian Poulter (@IanJamesPoulter) March 8, 2014

Why should Matsuyama leave a crater in the green for others to putt over, or have to call a referee to repair the damage. Idiot.

— Ian Poulter (@IanJamesPoulter) March 8, 2014

Im no saint & first to say. But that was disgusting. I wouldn't bury a putter in a green 5 ft from a hole & have players behind deal with it

— Ian Poulter (@IanJamesPoulter) March 8, 2014

@terrymundy Yes I was pissed off on 9 & back slapped the sand with my wedge TWICE. But didn't leave a hole in the green for others to fix

— Ian Poulter (@IanJamesPoulter) March 8, 2014

I can't wait to. @Lainger66 are you going to speak to him like a man or just blast him on twitter like all the other keyboard warriors?”

— Ian Poulter (@IanJamesPoulter) March 8, 2014

UPDATE: Saturday, March 8, 1:28 p.m. ET

According to Doug Ferguson of PGA.com, Matsuyama apologized to Poulter before their round Saturday: 

Matsuyama, the No. 22 player in the world who last year became the first rookie to win the Japan Golf Tour money list, was already on the practice range when Poulter arrived. He immediately walked to the other end of the range with his interpreter, Bob Turner, and apologized.

Poulter shook his hand and said, "I make loads of mistakes."

"If you're going to do it, repair it," he explained to Matsuyama, who nodded his head.

Poulter ended the brief exchange by saying, "No words today," indicating that there was no need to bring it up again during their third round.

Turner said Matsuyama already apologized to Jason Dufner, who was in the group with Poulter, and would seek out Schwartzel.

"He wishes he could apologize to the field," Turner said. "All he can do is promise not to do it again. No excuses."

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[Ian Poulter, h/t Golf.com]